One Lucky EV Family Now Owns 3 Tesla Model 3s


Third times a charm! In fact, first and second times were a charm as well.

The Tesla Model 3 has been on a roll this quarter. The vehicle is selling at a clip nearly 10x the nearest competitor from a traditional automaker. Even better for Tesla, the car should continue to sell at such high volume for quite some time. The more affordable short range Model 3 has not even launched yet. Sales outside of North America have not begun yet. So hundreds of thousands of future Model 3 owners are still waiting patiently for their vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently said in a tweet:

Great word-of-mouth is why Model 3 is the best-selling electric car, despite no advertising or paid endorsements.

Well, if the experience of one lucky Tesla family is anything to go on, those still awaiting their cars have a lot to look forward to. This household brought home not one, not two, but three Model 3’s.

Also of note: a first generation Nissan Leaf sits in the background of the photo reminiscing of years gone by. It too used to be the hot new affordable EV on the block.

When Gene was questioned in a reply about the costs of purchasing and maintaining all three vehicles, he provided some simple calculations:

Maybe not as much as you think. These are long range with premium interior. So $49k. Less $10k federal and state= $39k. We have free electricity as our solar system already paid for itself. $39k minus $16k/100k miles for gas= $23,000 real cost. In 250k miles, car is free!

Many Model 3 reservation holders are making the same calculations as they weigh their options. Wait for the short range model with a partial federal tax credit? Or purchase the long range RWD Model 3 today with a full credit? Decisions.

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And I thought “three on the tree” sounded cool, back in the day!

The surrounding neighbors must be fighting off a bad case “Teslenvy”!

It’s a view of a pulchritudinous future.

That’s a perfectly crapulent word that embiggens our understanding ffbj😄

At the risk of committing floccinaucinihilipilification regarding comments from the both of you, I think we should strive harder to eschew obfuscation.

Another Euro point of view

3 electric cars for one single family, the american dream “save our planet” chapter.

Much better is the euro diesel way…tell me more.

Another Euro point of view

Like one Renault Clio diesel per family and bicycle or public transportation used most of the time. Yes you nailed it.

….and the world spins around you! Beautiful!

As much as I hate to be that guy it really sounds like this family is abusing the credit. They will probably just sell the cars once it has a few thousand miles on it and make a profit on the deal.

Will they be able to make a profit?

They have to keep it for at least a year, or loose the credit. Why the animosity? Are you jealous that they can afford 3 new cars and you can’t?

Only 3 ? My friend has a Classic roadster, 2 model S , a model X and 4 model 3. I bet when the model Y is able to be ordered he’ll add that to his Oil free garage. Lots of Solar too. But his power walls are on back order so far.

He should be ashamed. His luxurious life ruins our planet. Do you know how much resources and energy is used to build a car? To think that some solar could fix that…. Really makes me angry

3 people driving is 3 cars. Or in my friend’s case, +1 for work, so 3 cars for 2 people. That’s reality if you got stuff to get done.

Good Lord.. where to begin?

elitist. must live in a secluded area

Not necessarily elitist, just wealthy. But most (all?) Tesla owners are wealthy, so that’s not a big surprise.

We are wealthy but my bf puts out his elitist attitudes( I’m rich and I can afford thing) I have to put him in his place and tell him I don’t no one like to here that and it’s rude. Too much Bravi shows are like that. Bad example of Americans

You should not care what others do with their money that much. Makes you look envious.

They need alot more panels now. Good for them!

Big deal. I wouldn’t want that many of the same car.

Sour grapes rating: 10 out of 10.

Good for them.

We Europeans tend to think every American house has 3 SUVs in the driveway. This is a much nicer image!

How does his wife go out new car shopping and come home with model 3 while those of us who stood in a queue over two and a half years ago are still waiting for an invite? This just plain rude on Tesla’s part. They should ensure all first day reservists are invited to purchase before selling to new customers.

Short answer: buy someone else’s spot in line.
All first day US reservations are invited to configure if you choose the LR and PUP packages.

Many of the people I’ve talked to who are still sitting on their reservation are waiting for the $35K version. If you want to spend a lot more money you can buy a Model 3 right now, no waiting.

Well, there is a little waiting….about 2 months or less depending on your location in US.