Falling Renault Zoe Sales in France Could Indicate Zoe is Suffering From Twizy Syndrome

JUN 4 2013 BY MARK KANE 10

Renault Zoe registrations in France fell in May to just 483 copies, which is considerably less then 748 sold in April and 1,089 in March.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Although we would have liked to see more growth, it seems that Zoe may be suffering from “Twizy syndrome,” which we define as high initial sales in the first few months of availability, followed by declining sales in the months that follow.

The cumulative number of Zoe registrations in France at the end of May reached 2,830 units, or approximately 73% of all EV passenger cars sold in France in 2013.

Naturally, Renault’s home market of France without a doubt remains the largest all of the Renault electric vehicles, but it is only one of the markets for the company in Europe.  The Zoe launches in Germany on June 7th, and should help the overall bottom line.

Meanwhile, sales of the delivery van Renault Kangoo Z.E. fell in May to 243 units, or nearly half the 436 units sold in April.  Regardless, Kangoo Z.E. still dominates its light commercial-duty electric segment by accounting for 83.6% of all registrations in this segment and 1,730 cumulative sales in 2013.

It should be noted that a shrinking automotive market and a deteriorating economic situation definitely influence the electric vehicle segment in France as well.

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Would it be wrong of me to ask about the Fluence sales? Anyway, when you said “Twizy Syndrome”, I expected the cause to be that everyone buys the Twizy over the rest of the Z.E. fleet in a seasonal fashion, so those in the EV market buy a Twizy during the nicer Summer months, while the normal Z.E.s slump because of the Twizy. Speaking of which, how many Twizys were sold in May?

Yes Twizy is a “fair weather EV” for obvious reasons.

We will bust out an overall sales in Europe thread soon and get into all the Renault cumulative numbers, not just France, shortly.

It is not just a “twizy syndrome”. Almost all EVs suffer this.

If things go well, it would be like a hockey stick. High sales at first which fall, until something (like price cut) puts them on a long term growth.

Maybe if the Leaf starts losing sales to the Spark EV and Fiat 500 e, Ghosn will bring the Zoe to California

Why should the Leaf lose against them?
They are both smaller and offer less comfort functions.
More EV models will eating into the ICE share.

But Renault is still not back stocking in France. New Zoe orders have 2-3 month delivery times.
Renault is currently producing 400 Zoe per week, to fulfill pre-orders from other states, Renault had to cut back deliverings to France.
I wish Renault good luck to stabilize at 1000 units per month in France in the future.

The Kangoo ZE is due for a refresh in the next months, so no worries here, as for the Zoe, let’s hope that it’s just a blip in the sales curve, the expected number for Zoe sales in France is at around 1000/month, so going down to +/- 500 units can be considered a failure.

The Zoe is too small to be a global player. They need to come on the market with a Laguna sized vehicle and equip it with a Rex option.
The Fluence is a larger vehicle but as a conversion from the petrol version it wasn’t optimized and doesn’t even have a flat underthe car battery. It also lacks a Rex since that option is needed when you have just 100 miles of EV autonomy.

I wish they would offer their batteries for sale and not just rent them. Would at least help the second hand market. And the battery-lease makes long term savings nearly impossible (fuel savings are eaten up by 100$/month fees).

renault should offer the zoe in Norway, it would realy sell well their. it is abitt odd that they havent.