Fake Tesla Model 3 Image “Leaked” To Media



H for hoax, that is.

The image was allegedly “leaked” from within Tesla. If anything, this fits the description of the Y, which is the “more adventurous” falcon-winged crossover based on the new platform. Could any production vehicle have such an extreme ratio of greenhouse to pillar? Doubt it.

*Tesla has issued a statement in regards to this image. In bullet points, Jalopnik says this is what the electric automaker told them:

  • • We weren’t the only outlet to get this email and this image.
  • • Tesla claims it’s not a Tesla image, and it’s not one that came from them.
  • • They said “this is not the Model 3.”
  • • They agreed it appeared to be a Photoshopped Model X press picture.

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Pretty clearly a fake…look at the shadow under the rear, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

That’s a rather odd thing to say, since these days, any image of a car you see in an official car ad is always a computer render, rather than an actual photograph. Advertisers can make cars look perfect that way; a perfection impossible to achieve in real life.

You’re using the term “render”, in a vague and generic way.

In many design studios, staff take existing 2D images, and hand-modifying them when brainstorming a general design feel. This still might be a digital concept ‘sketch”, as it’s clearly a pre-existing manipulated image of a model X. They probabably created hundreds of these as they narrowed in on the look.

Once a design is finalized and clay models get scanned in, a 3D model NURBs, etc.) can be built from the data, textured and realistically lit using HDRI illumination. That’s typically referred to as a computer generated render.

It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen though. It indeed sparks somewhat the imagination of what the Y should look like.


This concept shows the car with adjoining front and back door handles, as on the Model X, suggesting it has falcon wing doors, altho we know that the Model ≡ won’t have those; but the Model Y might.

But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the overall body shape of the production Model ≡ is a lot closer to what’s shown here than to a shrunken Model S, as all too many people seem to be expecting.

It looks like an X because it’s a smushed (technical term 🙂 image of an X.

I’ll see if I can find the original.


It’s a Tesla press release photo.
Someone shortened the nose and tail, tweaked a few details, and called it a 3.

I think it is a decent looking rendering, though I am expecting something a little more pedestrian for the III.

My crazy prognostication is that they will release 2 versions of the III. The first a regular sedan and the other being a wagon.

Two more weeks people.




And just article Nr. 4.

Does this count as one of the articles about the Model 3 before the release, or since it is a hoax, does it not count?

This is really the only important thing.


One thing I expect – is that there will be something funky about the doors on the model III. Elon just always does something weird and often just unnecessary with his car doors – starting from the original roadster door sills, the retracting handles of the Model S and the extravagant falcon wing doors on the X. These all caused problems and delays.

I just don’t expect Elon can accept simple doors – even on a much cheaper Model III. Maybe a two door that can open wide enough so that 4 doors are not required – or some kind of elaborate suicide doors.

Mods must have deleted my previous comment that this photo was of a model “C” for click bait

Extremely unlikely the 3 / Y would have falcon doors… These don’t make sense on a mid-price car for several reasons: They are expensive to produce, Tesla needs the differentiation for the X and of course it seems they’re a very high potential source of future issues — very risky for a volume car.

Suicide doors are possbie, though.

Just wish that the 3 Tesla will have no door type “suicide” / “reverse” as the fictitious image presented here.

For if this is the case, Tesla has made a strategic mistake that could ruin the company.

The general public does not want this kind of door … why do you ask? Simple, the general public, it is the families and the parents do not want to have to open two doors to allow access to the rear of the car and to their offspring. Moreover, the fact of having to open two doors simultaneously ensures that the passenger will cool almost instantly in winter. On rainy days, the inside will be exposed to it. In high winds, door problems will be felt every time. The door to the opposite direction of the wind will suddenly open, the other closed. In short, most likely a fad engineers who have no practical meaning.

Anyway, wish wholeheartedly that Tesla has made the right choice by offering a 3 model with standard doors as S.

Otherwise, the first customer that perderont, it will be me; followed by thousands more likely.

Just a correction:
“Suicide door” does **NOT** mean the front has to be opened before the front, or that there’s no inter-door pillar there, like on the i3.

All it means is that the door opens towards the rear. There have been several cars with this arrangement.
A modern one is the Opel (Vauxhall in Britain) Meriva. See following video, 25sec in:

I wouldn’t have minded if Model 3 had looked like that.This is the natural/efficient shape for an EV: dispenses with long hoods since there is no engine to house there anyway, just maximum interior space for its size.

Commercially it might be wiser to go with a more substantial hood though, at least for sport sedan versions as because our perception is shaped by more than a century of internal combustion long hoods are associated with performance.

At least it’s not a crazy design like the other made up designs sometimes published here. This is probably somewhere close to the truth.

I have cleared my schedule for the 3/31, but would sure like a little more detail before hand. Even a scale silhouette, or some basic dimensions. A model S will not fit in my garage.

The aerodynamics of this fake rendering are precisely backward.