Someday You Might Be Able To Help Build A Tesla Model 3


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is thinking about allowing Tesla owners to help build vehicles as part of an interactive Fremont factory tour.

Will owners be able to participate in the assembly of their own car? Probably not. Logistically, allowing people into the factory and near the machines would likely be enough of a nightmare, although it has been done in the past by other automakers.

Timing a tour to assure that a person’s specific vehicle was in the right phase of assembly in order for them to get their hands dirty helping with their soon-to-be car would be a tall order. Musk admitted that this might be difficult, but he didn’t say impossible.

It’s important to note that despite some other coverage of this story, Musk is not hoping to recruit Tesla owners to “help” speed up production. In fact, something like this would almost certainly stand to slow down the process. It’s not an attempt to get some free hands involved. Instead, this would be a way to make Fremont factory tours unique. It would also be a way to thank owners and allow them to have a special experience that they could share with friends and family. Imagine the photo ops!

As we mentioned, this has been done before, but it’s quite rare. Back in 2015, GM brought back its Engine Build Experience, which allowed some Corvette owners to help build the engine that would eventually power their car. InsideEVs’ own Domenick Yoney tweeted the story out to Musk, but, sadly, the CEO didn’t respond.

It would surely be much easier to coordinate an owner assisting with a specific “part” that would make its way into their future car. However, there are just not a lot of parts in electric vehicles (couldn’t help myself with that one). Perhaps people can build seats or motors for the Tesla Model 3? The automaker could set up another tent and just man it with reservation holders …

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I have a friend who watched his vette be built every step of the way. It took nearly two days and he got to start it for the first time. That’s pretty special and to say he’ll never, ever sell that car is an understatement!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No thanks.

It would be fun to get a Bollinger B1 as a complete knock-down kit. They bolt and rivet together anyways.

Lotus 7’s were somewhat similar. They came “almost ready to drive, the owner simply bolted a few parts on, and violá, a car.


Corvette lets you build you‘re own motor.

Maybe you can work in the nice non-automated Tent assembly area!

I’ll volunteer! I’m a bored retired guy w/factory experience, can’t think of a better way to spend my vacation than helping the EV revolution along!

Only if I get a BIG Discount on the Price . It makes Little to No sense to me.