Facelifted Tesla Model S 70D – Video


Facelifted Model S

Facelifted Model S

YouTuber Bjorn Nyland captured video of a facelifted Tesla Model S 70D.

This video is unique in that it shows the frunk of the facelifted Model S, which is actually a bit smaller than the old S due to the new HEPA filter that is availableĀ on the refreshed S.

Nyland states:

“The size of the facelift frunk is slightly smaller than the old D frunk. This is because the new air filter/HEPA filter takes up a lot of space. I also show the difference between old and new headlights.”

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7 Comments on "Facelifted Tesla Model S 70D – Video"

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Some new gripes for me I learned about in this video, that I hope Tesla will take care of before the Model 3.

* Wiper fluid fill spot
* chincy interior parts
* large center console between the feet of the front passengers that serves no purpose?
* no door pockets

I don’t see how they’re not going to have chintzy plastic parts on a car that costs half as much. Honestly, as a 3 reserver, I’m going to accept a lot of compromises to reach the $35k price point. Hopefully, they can incorporate storage in the doors.

I’m a 3-reserver too, but if it’s too chintzy I’m going to go with the Bolt EV.

I feel like I’m already taking enough risk going w/such a new company and a new product; I don’t know how much more I’m willing to compromise.

The HEPA filter is part of the $3k premium package NOT standard equipment, but the filter housing is the same on all “facelifted” cars.

Spot on…good point. /fixed

So are we to assume that’s dead space in the non-premium packaged refreshed models?

I don’t like that the new faux mini-grill has a recessed cavity. I’d prefer it to be flush with the bumper and edge of the hood.