Facelifted BMW i8 Coming In Spring 2018


BMW i8 Formula E Safety Car

According to our friends over at BMWBLOG, a new, refreshed BMW i8 will be shown sometime before the end of 2017 before going on sale in Spring 2018.

BMWBLOG cites “our sources,” but doesn’t state how the sources are connected to BMW. However, the site is often right when it comes to future BMW products, so we’ll  go along with this one.

New 2018 BMW i8 Spyder recently caught out testing (likely called the i8 Roadster when in production).

Quoting BMWBLOG:

“It’s hard to believe that’s been three years since the BMW i8 hit the market, but the progressive hybrid sportscar is already due for a refresh next year.

In Spring 2018, the high-end super hybrid will reach with a few technology upgrades and refreshed design cues. Our sources say that the facelifted i8 might actually be sold under a different badge – the BMW i8 S.”

It’s widely believed that the BMW i8 S will feature most of the upgrades found on the BMW i8 Formula E car. This would mean that the refreshed i8 will get at least 15 more hp over today’s i8, bring total output to 372 hp. A bigger battery pack is expected too. Gone will be the 7.1 kWh pack in favor of 10 kWh or even higher capacity.

Some suspension tweaks and a fully refreshed body is believed to be part of the refresh too.

We should find out for sure what BMW has in store for the refreshed i8 sometime late this year.


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You know, plug in hybrids just seem boring now. Any hybrid. Even fancy, expensive sports car ones. I would like to say that BMW should commit and make the i8 all electric, but they are likely right. The kind of buyer that would shell out the bucks for a car like that likely doesn’t want range anxiety.

BMW needs to 1st of all Decide on ONE* Either ELECTRIC or GAS , Then start from a clean sheet of paper & STOP! Re-Hashing this Half Baked Excuse of a Car..The Kevlar Concept Body has huge Potential They should Accept Failure,Learn from it , Put their Heads Together Find a Solution, and come up with something Good..

You’re an idiot.

You’re a i8 Owner…Who is The Idiot Now ??? R O T F L M A O…….ha ha Ha

The i8 is a gorgeous car!

There is a BMW X5 xDrive40e (SUV) driver in my building. It is plugged in every day. I’m sure this saves him lots of gas a year.

My fiance does the same every 2 or 3 days with her Volt.

PHEV’s are perfect for the average person. They make too much sense.

I have a BEV, but I have been able to have it for the past 2 years because we *also* have a Volt. Hopefully someday soon every car will be a long range BEV but I think BMW has a great strategy of adding stealth Plug-In integration on basically every kind of vehicle in their lineup.

Such a modest HP increase. Even the i3 motor used in the front makes around 30 HP less in the i8. Probably battery constrained though. Even using the 4 cyl engine could have been a huge boost in performance. Either way 372 HP from a 3 cyl Honda Civic sized 1.5 liter engine is
impressive. Even the best 2.O liter gas engines have a hard time putting out that with no where near the low end torque, which shows the flexiblitly of these hybrid drivetrains.