Facelifted, Higher Output Tesla Model S P90D Versus P85D – Drag Race Video


Recently, we found out that the newly refreshed Tesla Model S P90DL has about ~50 kw more power than the original model; the results of which lead to a new record 0-60 mph time of 2.65 seconds (watch), and a new record quarter mile time of 10.8 seconds (watch) for the Tesla.

Tesla Versus Tesla

Tesla Versus Tesla

But ever wondered what those results would actually look like on the road versus its former top-of-the-line self?

Well…wonder no more.  

Here a P90D with Ludicrous mode goes up against a late model P85D, which has also been upgraded to Ludicrous mode (which gives it the same basic output as the original P90DL).

Video description:

“Introducing our brand new front end design Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous. 30 day tags still on and just over a 100 miles and we’re breaking her in right! Took both this new model and our older P85D Ludicrous to the track to battle them out.”

Bonus: The Tesla P90DL then also takes on a Nissan GTR, apparently with a side bet for a G.

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Is that an 1/8 mile track only?
Perfect race for the Tesla. Went to the track with my friend’s 2016 E85 GTR (upgraded injectors/stock turbos), ran 10.3 @ 138mph in the quarter mile. So an outrageous 15mph faster than the Tesla. No doubt a properly tuned GTR is lethal.

Remember, a 138-140mph trap speed is Veyron/P1/918,territory, along with all those other 1000hp cars. The 122mph Trap of the Tesla is now on par with stock M5s/AMG/RS7, etc. A little slower than a Hellcat, ZR1 (125mph), etc…the 1/8 mile races are where the Tesla can show its true advantage. I’m hopeful the S will be able to get in the 125-130mph range in the future, and truly keep other cars from catching it in a race from a rolling start, etc. Perhaps a Model 3 ludicrous will be quicker?

These numbers are spot-on with the P85DL that I tested back in May.

1/8 mile 7.2 sec @ 95.2mph
1/4 mile 11.5 at 115.4 mph
60′ 1.6 sec
0-60 2.9 sec
0-100 8.1 sec

In what I gather from this and saw in the performance of the Rimac electric, is that the Tesla could be a force to reckon with in the performance world, if it had an extra gear(on the front motor) and more robust cooling! If it had, I believe, pulling its current power levels, it could knock down mid 9s to very low 10s and probably trap in the 135/140 range!?

In that race against the GTR, which is a lighter car than the Tesla and with $1000 bucks on the line, I wouldn’t have had my friend in the car like he did.?

Yeah, having another person in the car certainly didn’t help. I would even leave those glasses 🙂

Yes, the passenger could cost him .10, 1mph in the quarter mile. But this was an 1/8 mile race. I’m sure when he ran the 10.8 qtr mile, he was solo.

Great video I have 2 cars both ev”s but grew up with a dad who built muscle cars so love these vids also a gtr is the only gas car I think I would ever get that’s not a classic car or EV

Please show us some Hellcats on DR’S getting beat. They are supposed to run right around 10.8 with traction, so it will be a good race.

Does this little kid ever wear his seatbelt?