FAB Design Presents Custom Tesla Model X In Geneva


FAB Design Tesla Model X

FAB Design Tesla Model X Virium – Image Via Fab Design

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show marks the first time FAB design has debuted an all-electric vehicle, in the Tesla Model X Virium.

FAB Design Tesla Model X

FAB Design Tesla Model X Virium – Image Via Fab Design

The Model X was a no brainer for FAB, as it already has a futuristic and monumental powertrain. Also, the innovative design features, like the falcon-wing doors, and recessed door handles, are right up FAB’s alley. FAB is actually known for utilizing such doors in the past.

With a quick glance at the pictures, it is almost difficult to tell that the Tesla Model X has been re-interpreted by the design company. It obviously has some added exterior features, and then there’s the 23-inch forged EVOTREK wheels, and Michelin tires. With FAB’s customization, the “go fast” electric SUV will provide improved handling.

This was surely one of FAB’s less complex conversions, especially when compared to some of the feats it has achieved in other vehicles. FAB has been customizing vehicles in Germany for 18 years.

Check out the FAB Design Tesla Model X Virium video slideshow below:

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7 Comments on "FAB Design Presents Custom Tesla Model X In Geneva"

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What did they do except make it look a little worse?? Stumped on this one.

Wheel arches. They put some kind of widebody kit on. The tires are definitely wider.


The replaced the Tesla logos with something else, the bums.

Someone explain those black blocks on the nose…?

My guess is, increased downforce? You gonna race
Your X around Daytona? Without some kind of software,
or mechanical upgrades, what benefit do you receive?
Just less AER, and a hard ride like a flatbed truck.

These aftermarket costomizers are for the Justin
Beiber , Fitty Cent and the Arab sheik I suppose.

Maybe an NBA basketball player is more interested in
A unique look than actual performance enhancement….

Way to take a decent looking car and make it ugly

Big boo boo not keeping the floating T in front grill