Extended-Range Electric Ssangyong Tivoli EVR Concept Revealed in Geneva

MAR 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

SsangYong Tivoli

SsangYong Tivoli

Ssangyong unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show an all-new B-segment SUV called Tivoli in petrol and diesel version. Sales will begin in May.

According Autocar, there’s also the Tivoli EVR extended-range concept in the works.

All-electric range of 80 miles (129 km) could translate to a real world range in the Chevrolet Volt’s territory. But the single-cylinder petrol is more like the REx in a BMW i3, just to get to your destination.

“The Tivoli EVR concept is powered by a 127bhp electric motor. It also features a single-cylinder petrol range extender that is used to recharge the battery.

The Korean manufacturer says the Tivoli EVR has an electric range of up to 80 miles, which can be extended to 310 miles with the help of the engine. The concept has a top speed of 93mph and emits just 40g/km of CO2.”

Source: Autocar

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This is major news, at last a non luxury car manufacturer that also envision the right architecture of the BMW i3 but this time with a normal four door configuration and seating five. Still need the full sedan trunk though. That is really a outsider brand that will be interesting to follow since they seem mature to make the famous big breakthrough of 100 miles ev +rex in a normal sedan car.

Sorry to say but ssangyong is a luxury car maker. 😉

Ummm…. Chevy Volt? Out about 4 years ago. Made by Chevrolet, a non-luxury brand. The car BMW basically copied to make the i3.

Unless you mean the SUV style body. In which case we really don’t know how big the car is, could be Bolt/Spark sized. If the rims are 17″ the car would be just over 4ft tall, if they are 20″ rims, might be around 5ft. Or the single cylinder range extender, which probably won’t give you enough juice to get you up and over longer steep hill climbs, a problem the i3 has.

The European version of the i3 doesn’t have that long hill climbing problem because the Rex is allowed to start at 80% SOC instead of 6%. This means the Rex can preserve charge in Europe but it can’t in the US.

The Volt has 38 miles ev range, not 80 miles and even less 100 miles.

It would be great if it’s a PHEV with a real-world electric range of ~80 miles. Unfortunately, the question isn’t -if- the range is inflated, but how much.

As I understand it, the Japanese rating system is even more inflate than the European one, and who knows what this car was rated under? Or if it’s just what the manufacturer is advertising? Nissan still advertises the Leaf as a “100 mile EV”… and even that isn’t as inflated as some claims we’ve seen.

Ssangyong is Korean, owned by an Indian company and the car was shown in Switzerland… so whats Japan got to do with anything? 😛

Agree with you otherwise, but why the emphasis on the sedan trunk?
A same-exterior-dimensions SUV, crossover, hatchback or station wagon will have more cargo space, not less; not to mention the flexibility of dynamically trading off some passenger space (via 40/60 fold down rear seats or the like) for yet more contiguous cargo space.

I’m still puzzled why anyone would ever buy a sedan (defined as 3-box, non-hatch layout) — it’s a completely inefficient layout, space-wise. Some people are very conservative, but they’re unlikely to be buying EVs anyway.

Well you need a trunk for groceries, luggage and so on. A station wagon can be good too but that is affecting the Cx which is at its best with a sedan configuration, that is also why the Tesla Model S has such a success.

Cool car!