Exhaustive Tesla Model X Review Turned In By Autogefuehl – Video

10 months ago by Mark Kane 9

Do you like your new plug-in reviews long and exhaustive?  Well, if so…clocking in at over an hour, here is the most detailed, high quality walk-through of the Tesla Model X P90D that the one would ever expect to find, delivered by Autogefuehl…in classic subdued Autogefuehl style.

Tesla Model X P90D - Autogefuehl

Tesla Model X P90D – Autogefuehl

The review slowly moves from the Model X’s exterior through the interior, to driving experience – noting most all of the features, offering insights and well … pointing out the weak points as well from time to time.

The end verdict is that the tsunami of unique, special features and extreme performance found in the X are so great that it makes up for lack of operational perfection from some of the more advanced electronic mechanism.

Overall, it is a much watch for all those considering a Tesla Model X purchase.

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9 responses to "Exhaustive Tesla Model X Review Turned In By Autogefuehl – Video"

  1. Bill Howland says:

    I tried speeding this up a bit, but then I couldn’t understand a word of the thick accent – but I enjoy listening to this guy; reminds me of Reruns of Colonel Klinck on MeTV. I keep expecting Sargeant Schultz to come on the scene.

    But his enthusiasm is great and for those who really want an “X”, it was a good review; but I would have also liked some discussion of charging, and Euro charging rate – Euro Supercharger operation, etc., as there are more ‘options’ for the EURO Teslas than for the original North American models.

  2. Deven Foskey says:

    First, I enjoyed how he stumbled disapprovingly over the SAE measurement. Lol Fiat Multipla gets honorable mention. Amazing; and American car almost lives up to German expectations, what a time it is!

    1. Greg says:

      That’s hilarious! Approximately 40% faster acceleration, 30% safer, better AI and tech, all at 3-400% better mileage than similarly priced German autos,,, all in one car, and still they cling to the distant past.
      How much do I care about detailing again???

  3. tftf says:

    Calm. Collected. German.

    That’s Autogefühl in a nutshell 🙂

  4. CDAVIS says:

    +1 Autogefuhl
    Best detailed & balanced Tesla Model X review I’ve seen to date.

  5. georgeS says:

    good video but some questions:

    first he says the brakes blend. He’s not running on full regen but he says the brakes will do it but I didn’t think that was true.

    then he mentions something about being charged for updates in the future in a future business model. I have not heard of that.

    and thirdly is there an up down adjustment on the second row seats.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Difficult to believe Tesla would ever charge for software updates. Free updates are big selling point in favor of the car, and eliminating that would cause a heavy hit to sales.

      I think I’ve read that the 2nd row seats do not have any height adjustment, and I see a comment on Reddit: “they are not 6-way adjustable, just 2”. So take that unsourced comment found on Reddit for what it’s worth.

      1. quartzav says:

        Second row seat has a fixed angle L shape with regards to seat-back and seat-cushion relationship. Strictly speaking, direction-wise is 2 way control but as you tilt the seat-back to a more reclined position the anterior portion of seat-cushion also raises with the reclining back, felt just like the seat is going up.

      2. Someone out there says:

        I don’t think Tesla will charge for plain bugfix/maintenance updates but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla launched software only services that cost extra.