Exclusive: Tesla To Open Massachusett’s First Full-Service “Dealership” in Dedham


860 Providence Highway, Dedham, MA location

840 Providence Highway, Dedham, MA location

If you’re in the Boston area you can expect a Supercharger by something like the end of June in Dedham, MA.  This is going to be within walking distance of Legacy Place – a mall that includes several restaurants, major stores and a first-rate movie theater, and is being built on the site of a now-defunct Owen Motors Lincoln-Mercury dealership.

But here’s the cool part.  The Selectmen of Dedham just approved a zoning variance allowing a few interesting set-backs and property-line buffers waived, along with a description of what is now looking like not only a Supercharger and Service center, but a full “dealership” with showroom. “This will be the company’s first full service dealership. The dealership will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.” First, as in Massachusett’s first, is perhaps what the wording should state.

Read the finding, here.

Here’s what was described in the meeting:

Dedham MA ZBA finding

Dedham MA ZBA finding

For the moment, all we can report is that the snows have been subsiding:

Owen Motors: site of the first full Tesla dealership.

Owen Motors: site of the first full Tesla dealership.

…but stay tuned.

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“There will be no cars on the lot. A customer goes into the showroom, looks at the car, and places an order.”

So how is this different from any other Tesla showroom? Perhaps they plan to have a service center at the same location, but this certainly does -not- qualify as a “full service dealership”. Not that we’d want Tesla to start doing that!

Oddly enough, I thought I’d read that Tesla had already opened an actual dealership in New York, but I can’t find any info about that by Googling. Perhaps it was just a rumor started by a Tesla rep saying that perhaps they might open actual dealerships in the future?

Yeah, “Full Service Dealer” = carrying inventory.

This may be more appropriate when the Model 3 is in volume in 2018-2020. They could carry two or three of each model and allow people to either drive them home today or place an order for delivery in a month or two.

Sounds right to me as well…the quote:

“This will be the company’s first full service dealership. The dealership will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

…is from the zoning PDF, and I think can easily be taken the wrong way. The story here is a first for Mass., but the language given can be confusing. Certainly no plans for cars to be there when it opens, although it is easy to see that it ‘could’ at some point in the future.

HaHa it sounds like a legal shell business for Tesla

This doesn’t sound any different than any other combined Tesla Store and Service Center. There are many of those around the country already. They may have had to dumb down their description to the zoning board so they could understand (i.e. comparing supercharger pedestals to gas pumps), but there’s nothing that makes this store unique. It may be the first one of its kind in Massachusetts, but that’s it.

+1. This is nothing more than a combined service center, storefront and Supercharger location.

You guys really need to be more careful about how you call out Tesla “firsts”. Previously, you said that Rocklin, CA was the first solar powered Supercharger station. It was not. There have been a couple Supercharger stations with solar for years. Now you say this is the first “dealership”. Well, the Rocklin, CA location has had Sales, Service, and Superchargers at the same location for a while now. Paramus, NJ also has Sales, Service, and Superchargers, at least to the extent that sales are allowed in NJ. Tesla still lists that as a “Gallery”, not a “Store”, but the situation in New Jersey has recently changed.

Quoting a source, which is inaccurate, pins the blame on the source, not IEV.

Not 18 months ago, NYC (+ Albany) was as high as the SC’s went. Now, lots in New England and this one is in my back yard. Life is good.

Read above in the comments, this is the first in Mass, not in the US. The legal case in Mass finally got cleared for Tesla in the last year.

It is slightly dumbed-down language, but isn’t the combination of store + service center + supercharger unique? I thought that’s what they meant.

The building will look better trimmed in red…

When will these dummies realize its not a dealership

Its a showroom

People here are way, way too sensitive…
As far the English language is concerned, the term “Car Dealership” simply means a location where cars are bought and/or sold. It doesn’t in itself imply anything about the business model, inventory scheme or agency status of the entity doing the selling:
“dealer |ˈdēlər|
1 a person or business that buys and sells goods: a car dealer.

dealership |-ˌSHip|noun dealer ( sense 1)”


It’s not merely a matter of grammar or semantics. It’s about Tesla’s business model, which does -not- involve making cars “on spec” and hoping someone comes along to buy it, as other auto makers do.

If Tesla starts making cars to sit on a lot, instead of making them all to order (with the exception of a relatively few intended as demo and/or service dept. loaners), then it will indicate Tesla is changing its business model.

Lexington Ma would be better. Hartwell ave would be perfect .
Then I could work there and have a 5 min trip to work 😉
Dedham is ok, but North is better.


I’d sooner say near Totten Pond or Trapelo in Waltham.

But that’s my opinion.

Less theft/vandalism around Hartwell ave then in Waltham.
Plus there are a few big area buildings that have been empty for years.
AND… there are more people that work on that street alone that can afford 😉 …. but not me .
Just my opinion because I want to walk to work if it goes there