Exclusive Tesla Model 3 Video Review From UK’s Top Car-Buying Brand


We finally have a solid Tesla Model 3 review out of Europe. Is it unique?

Interestingly, the very first Tesla Model 3 reviews in the U.S. were pretty positive, mostly due to the crazy excitement about the car. Reviewers didn’t have much to say early on, aside from mentions of its striking good looks, minimalist interior, and outstanding performance. As time wore on, the tables turned temporarily. The Model 3 found itself under the microscope and received quite a bit of scrutiny for build issues, panel gaps, software quirks, and overall first model year concerns.

Tesla worked quickly to address and fix owner and reviewer concerns via over-the-air software updates, as well as hardware changes. More recently, we’ve found that most reviews have been widely positive. It seems that while early Model 3 vehicles may have, in fact, had some clear problems, later builds appear to be void of a majority of those initial issues.

Now, the reviews begin all over again as the Model 3 has makes its way to Europe and China. The difference, however, is that people on other shores have read about the Model 3 for years. Tesla has implemented significant changes along the way, and the car comes in different variants, which were unavailable in the U.S. at launch.

So, what does the UK’s biggest car-buying brand think of the long-anticipated, more affordable Tesla sedan? Check out the video review from What Car? to find out.

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Video Description via What Car? On YouTube:

2019 Tesla Model 3 review – Exclusive European road test | What Car?

The fully electric 2019 Tesla Model 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated new cars in recent years – and we’ve spent two days testing it in Europe to find out whether it lives up to the hype.

How fast is it? How much fun is it to drive? How far will it go on a full charge? What cool features does it have? Watch our review to find out.

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Stopped buying What Car years ago, read Inside EVs now but used to love the magazine. When they start focusing on EVs may start buying magazine again.

Interesting comment on road noise, DB compare to the others! Maybe already done?

Nice review, with good facts. I had the pleasure to drive a Performance last week on 20″ Winter tires. And I agree, road noise is noticable on poor road surfaces, like concrete and rough asphalt, but also suitably very quiet on better surfaces. The frequency and pitch of the noise is actually ok, you notice it, but it wasn’t bothersome. I guess winters on 20″ are just about the most difficult.

Wind noise up to 120Kmh was just fine, and then as you go past 130 to 140, it dominates the acoustics of the car, especially from the edge of the windshield to the roof above my head. Mirror and door noise was just fine. Surprisigly we manged a 172Wh/km over 82km on the highway at 110-130Kmh, which is good considering the tires and the outside temperature of 7C.

Fit and finish on this car was very good, no noticable anything, everthing lined up nicely and closed with a good thunk.

my 0.02$

New Drivers to EV’s need to have a scientific decibel number, because what they’re actually noticing is NO Engine Noise. And Oh, Suddenly they discover Tire and Wind noise.
That they didn’t notice with an ICE.

It is like your house at night, you can suddenly hear things making noise that you don’t even notice during the day.

Totally agree, my S85 is quieter at speed, but our Zoé 40 is definitely louder 🙂