Exclusive: Formula E Driver Nelson Piquet Jr Talks EVs, While Driving A Tesla Model X – video


Nelson Piquet Jr., the inaugural winner of the Formula E in 2015, current driver for the NIO NextEV team, and also a InsideEVs contributor, spends some time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model X while weighing in with his thoughts about the state of electrification today.

Nelson Piquet Jr and his Sister Julia Piquet talk electric cars in a Tesla Model X

“Find out what Formula E champion Nelson Piquet, Jr. thinks about electric vehicles, which ones he owns, and what he’s looking forward to driving most.”

Topics include:

  • What Piquet loves to drive when he is not racing, his impressions on NIO’s ES8 – a long range, all-electric SUV (details) arriving in China in 2018, with plans to enter the US in 2020 (NIO is the sponsor of Piquet’s Formula E entry, so Nelson is very familiar with the offering having attended its debut in Shanghai)
  • Are the legendary 0-60 mph times in performance EVs a secondary feature to the handling and comfort only an electric vehicle can provide?
  • What’s in his garage today – and does it plug in?

Also of note:  Piquet also touches on NIO’s EP9 supercar, which set a course record at Nürburgring Nordschleife (6 mins, 49 seconds) this past May.

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