Exclusive Images: Dubuc Motors Tomahawk Fully-Electric Supercar


A few weeks ago we posted about Dubuc Motors of Quebec and its alternative fundraising campaign for its fully-electric supercar, the Dubuc Motors Tomahawk.

Earlier today, Mike Kakogiannakis, Dubuc’s Founder & CEO, sent us some new, exclusive, up-to-date pictures of the car to share.

Check ’em out below:

Dubuc Tomahawk Fully-Electric Supercar

Dubuc Tomahawk Fully-Electric Supercar


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk

_MG_4615 copie

Dubuc Tomahawk

_MG_4701 copie

Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk

_MGf_4701 copie

Dubuc Tomahawk


Dubuc Tomahawk

The car is set to unveil in 2017. It is boasting 0-60 in 3 seconds with a an all-electric range of 370 miles. The AWD vehicle with panoramic roof and scissor doors can reach speeds of 160 MPH.

The Tomahawk is said to have a roomy interior for four passengers and cargo space. The car will also come complete with many advanced technologies including a touchscreen, 360 degree cameras, voice controls, an onboard computer and software updates.

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Another supercar priced in Unobtainium….


Or maybe the start of something great?

For Great Bigass wallets then sure….

Probably costs more than the two choppers. meh.


looks like a chineese copy of the famous Bugatti i8 Roadster.

Looks like a slicked up Tesla Roadster – with the newer 70 kWh battery in it! (Tesla proved that to over 340 miles, with a number of miles left, so this would be about the same!)

Perhaps you’re thinking of the old, inflated EPA rating of 244-245 miles? Not 345.

As last I recall, the maximum distance anyone hypermiled a Roadster out to, by driving at a constant 25 or 30 MPH, was 313 miles.

The real-world driving range was between 160-200 miles.

They’re gonna be real mad when they realize that a tank drove over the center of the car. It’s smushed!

What you are seeing is years and years of pent up designer artistic flare finally being released. For years designers have wanted a dip in the bonnet of the super car but they have always been told its not possible because you need a big engine or radiator in there. They thought Tesla would let them do it but noooo, they needed a frunck but now ta-daaaaaa….

I have to admit I am fairly underwhelmed.

I would have preferred a slight bulge that hid a folded solar array that could emerge like a giant set of oval leafs to charge the cars batteries. Obviously the car would have to self park in the correct orientation for the time of day to maximize the charge for your trip to the grocery store. Perhaps it could even suck in its solar panels and change parking space if it started getting shaded.

Just Chris said:
“For years designers have wanted a dip in the bonnet of the super car. . .”

That kind of looks like cleavage to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If they’re $29.95 I’ll take a couple. 370 miles on a charge eh?

I’m not a fan of the all-plastic look, especially around the headlights. This car could be 100% steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, but it looks polyethylene, and that’s not a good look for a high dollar “supercar” plaything. It would probably look much better in a single color.

The name impressed on the rear panel looks especially awful.

Also if they’re going to mold in the location for fog lights, they damned sure ought to install fog lights on the prototype they’re using to sell the concept.

Body by Tupperware. 🙂

Specs sound great.
Can’t wait to see one in person.

I am not personally fond of the appearance, but what genuinely confuses is the claim of “a roomy interior for four passengers and cargo space”. Seems like quite an exaggeration, but lacking photos of said interior, I’ll withhold judgment.

Hmmm, that does sound like ad copy for an entirely different car; copy that got inserted in to this ad by mistake.

Really, it’s four-seater? The body style looks like a two-seater.

I would like to see Canada become an innovation hub for EVs. This is a good thing for us.

Desirable, yet probably not likely. Canada keeps missing out …. Mainly due to a decade lost to oil sands R&D which will now hang over like a boat anchor you cannot get rid of.


My son likes the car. He’s four years old and fan of Ninja turtles.

only one thing comes to mind
(warning NSFW)

also, isn’t that the voice of Peter Cullen, aka Optimus Prime? 😀

Wow wow people calm down with the negativity. Do all of you have Tesla stock or something? We don’t know the price and it isn’t going to be cheap, but a modern electric supercar that seats four is pretty cool in the eyes of this EV lover.

We miss information about how they are planning to charge the thing. Perhaps Tesla will let them use their supercharger network for 4k per car? Should be doable for such a low volume vehicle..

I think it’s rude to shoot down startups just because you don’t like what it looks like. It’s an EV and it goes far and seats four, which is more than you can say for most vehicles that have an actual prototype driving around. Dubuc motors, bring it on!

More power (no pun intended) to ’em. People have expressed a strong opinion that the car is not aesthetically-pleasing. This startup should take notice, especially if they’re targeting such a small market. Buyers in that market want exclusivity, yes, but they care about how the car looks.

Breaking into the car market is very hard. Many, many companies have tried over the last century and all but one — Tesla — have failed. Many existing car companies during that time have died: Packer, Cord, Duesenberg, etc. Many existing name plates have also died: Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, etc.

So why does this startup think they’re better than all those failed companies and name plates? They MUST be better to succeed. If appearance is only one metric of that acceptance, then they have already failed (based on opinion in this thread). Given that we comprise a higher percentage of EV drivers than most sites, this might be a good representation of the general populace.

Looks like the alternative fundraising didn’t raise enough to hire a decent stylist.

This EV is not for me, but perhaps someone with a larger wallet who does not want their toy to look like every other car on the road. I think it’s great to see anyone build quality EVs.

Don’t like the looks, but if they can really pull off 370 miles on a charge, that’s a good thing.

There’s certainly no shortage of hyper…er, enthusiasm, in that video. I hope their arms feel better, all that self congratulatory back patting can be hard on the joints.