Let’s Examine Electric Car Pre-Orders In Norway


Reportedly, there are over 30,000 electric vehicles pre-ordered in Norway

For many, Norway is the beacon of early electric vehicle adoption. Simply put, no other country – relatively to their population numbers – is pushing so many EVs on the roads today. However, Norway is doing it with a rather short list of actual EV models currently on sale in this Scandinavian country. But, it seems that automakers are catching up to the high success rate of electric vehicles, offering their up and coming EV models through preordering for the Norwegian customers. And that tactic is reaping benefits.

Right now, Norway reportedly has over 30,000 vehicles on pre-orders. Even though the preordering system was popularized by Tesla, almost every other car maker offering EVs is catching up to it. Even the legacy carmakers are joining in on the fun, allowing Norwegians to preorder their eco-friendly machines. Furthermore, the successful introduction of EVs in Norway pushed some – like Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar – to actually allow customers in Norway to preorder their first EV models first.

In turn, this made Norway’s NRK try and tally all those reservations. NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organization in the country. And their findings are rather interesting: the Tesla Model 3 (well, that’s not that surprising) and the Audi e-tron are leading Norway’s pre-order charts (broken down by monetary value of pre-orders):


Additionally, NRK got official numbers from most automakers, aside from Tesla. here’s the breakdown:

  • Tesla Model 3: 10,000 reservations (estimated)
  • Audi e-tron quattro: 6,300 reservations
  • Hyundai Kona Electric: deliveries have started but 6000 reservations remain to be filled
  • Kia Niro Electric: 5,900 reservations
  • Nissan Leaf (next-gen 2018-2019): deliveries have started but 3000 reservations remain to be filled
  • Jaguar I-Pace:3,000 reservations
  • Porsche Taycan: 2,300 reservations
  • Mercedes-Benz EQC: 2,200 reservations
  • DS Crossback E-Tense: 1,350 reservations
  • BMW iX3: 1,000 reservations, which is the limit the automaker will allow

Source: Electrek

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I don’t really see the point of sorting by monetary value. And I wonder how NRK estimated the Model 3 numbers?

Because the story was about all the millions people had paid by pre ordering EVs.

I agree, should have been sorted by reservation numbers. I see a wast number of reservation holders in my litte comunity, so i wonder If there might be a MUCH higher number of people waiting for their tm3.. Only Tesla knows..
If Tesla do offer the hitch option sales will skyrocket next year- thats for sure

When fuel is $9 per gallon, alternatives look good.

A retreating glacier how apropos.

Good observation.

Are the Audi preorders true? Their CEO seems to be doing jail-time for fraud.

Anyone that manipulates stock prices based upon the fraudulent claims of a $35K USD EV could be subject to investigation.

I pre-ordered my EV in 2010 and it was the best $99 I ever spent and worth waiting 18 months. I didn’t enjoy waiting, but it was worth it. Hopefully someone will put out that $35K USD car they promised wall street and reservationist.

Quite a few brave Norwegians to pre-order chinese DS Crossback E-Tense

DS is Chinese? Mmmm… I believe it’s French.

Most of the best stuff now comes from China. Have you been living in a cave for the last 10 years, LOL.

The article in Norwegian does say that the 10.000 TM3 preorders estimate are very conservative. Same impression comes from the National Nowegian EV owners association (Elbilforeningen). Since Tesla does not publicize their sales numbers we just don’t know. However, since Tesla has an extremely good footing in Norway, and their cars being expensive. We can estimate the TM3 preorders to be way above 10.000 cars. Based on the Kona preorders, and that cars not being available before late 2020 here now – and yet has 6000 preorders. We can easily estimate the total preorders of the TM3 to be around 20.000.

China’s 40% tariff on cars imported from America is gonna stop sales of Tesla’s and BMW to China.

Once they get their EVs they will be glad they put down the money and waited for the car of their dreams.