Ex-Infiniti Boss Pegged For Dyson’s Electric Car Program



Former Infiniti president Roland Krueger will officially head up Dyson’s automotive division.

Dyson CEO Jim Rowan has substantiated news that his company hired Krueger for the new position. Krueger spent the last three years leading Nissan’s luxury marque: Infiniti. However, he left recently to move on to new opportunities. So, perhaps this position with Dyson has been in the works for some time.

Rowan is excited to bring Krueger on board for the project, with plans to launch an electric vehicle in 2021. According to Autocar, Rowan revealed the information during a recent financial meeting. He referred to Krueger as a:

 … very well respected and experienced executive within the industry, and his appointment proves how serious we are about taking this project and this division to the next level.

The CEO also explained that Dyson has plans to pump over $1 billion into its electric car efforts in 2019. He said that Dyson’s supply chain experience and expertise will allow the company to make a profit producing EVs. Dyson will build its cars at a new factory in Singapore, and will relocate its primary office there as well. Aside from the fact that the company already has established business and 1,110 employees in Singapore, Rowan points out:

Singapore also offers access to high-growth markets as well as an extensive supply chain and a highly skilled workforce. Singapore has a comparatively high cost base, but also great technology expertise and focus. It is therefore the right place to make high-quality technology-loaded machines, and the right place to make our electric vehicle.

According to the company, we should expect Dyson electric vehicle prototypes to surface some time next year, with solid-state battery technology.

Source: Autocar

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Best of luck to Roland Krueger, as working for Dyson in Singapore should suck a lot less than working for Nissan, and its Luxury division Infinity. I hope the 2021 launch is a success!

They don’t sell Infinity cars where I live, so when I read Infinity I just thought about the speaker brand.

Those brakes looks massive, for an EV.. even with solid state batteries and what not.. I don’t imagine people will race normal EVs. Usually they just pick up speed really fast, and then cruise in fairly normal speeds. For track use, for sure.. but regen would do most of normal braking.
If Dyson try to make a very limited volume model, that will be hard.
Porsche/Tesla and the the powerful Croatian beauty Rimac will for sure want their future customers too.

But competition is good, and I hope they succeed.

I don’t see how supply chain experience and whatever expertise Dyson has could make all the difference in making it in the increasingly competitive EV market but Dyson does have one strategic advantage: James Dyson is totally loaded. Valued at €12 billion he is the richest man in Great Britain and having extremely deep pockets definitely is a huge advantage in starting up a car company. For one thing, no need to turn to the stock market with shorts undermining you every step of the way….

He har a few good industrial designers, and they know electric motors and motor control tech. Most of that is common knowledge for engineers, but I’m sure Dyson have worked on efficiency.. being used to make products that use batteries..

Still think he should have worked more on their washing machine with the counter rotation drum. . And kept the design, so it would continue to stand out, compared to other washing machines. ..
The product was released without being tested over a long enough period. When they worked, they worked well.

Do I get a free vacuum with the car?

The car cleans itself.

Moves itself by depressurising and repressuring faster than the air around it can crush it.

Designed inside the car, together with their special fan 😊

“we should expect Dyson electric vehicle prototypes to surface some time next year, with solid-state battery technology.”

FWIW Dyson has already confirmed their first EVs won’t have solid state batteries.

Unless Dyson have made a Solid State (SS) breakthrough we won’t be seeing SS cells in the first Dyson car. Satki3 was a crock of s**t and Dyson have written that investment off.

My theory is Dyson is building an integrated car and battery manufacturing facility in Singapore. Solid state batteries will be manufactured using similar techiques and technologes to flat screen televisions on the top floor, and car manufacturing will be on the ground floor. This has the potential to be a truly innovative manufacturing model for EVs’.