Ex Ferrari Boss Joins Faraday Future (Update)

JUN 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept

Faraday Future’s CEO (?) and FFZERO1 Concept

Faraday Future awaits a new award-winning executive team member (possibly CEO) that will join the company today.

UPDATE (June 9th 2:30 pm ET):  Faraday Future confirms hire (details below)

According to Business Insider, it could be Marco Mattiacci (LinkedIn profile), previously related with Ferrari.

“The new hire is Marco Mattiacci, an award-winning auto executive who led Ferrari North America and Ferrari Asia Pacific between 2006 and 2014, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The addition of Mattiacci is expected to be announced officially on Thursday, the person said, asking not to be identified. This person wouldn’t say what role he will assume at FF.”

UPDATE: Faraday Future has confirmed the hire of Mattiacci, but in the role of “Global Chief Brand & Commercial Officer” – full press release from FF can be found below

Ferrari under Fiat (with Sergio Marchionne as CEO) doesn’t intend to introduce an electric car so maybe Marco Mattiacci will have more luck with Faraday Future.


LOS ANGELES, JUNE 9, 2016 – Today, Faraday Future (FF) announced the appointment of automotive industry leader Marco Mattiacci. Effective immediately, Mattiacci will assume the role of Global Chief Brand & Commercial Officer, leading all aspects of branding, marketing, communications, distribution, sales, and user/customer experience. Marco will also sit on key strategy, product, design, and HR committees.

Mattiacci, a native of Rome, has held international executive roles in the automotive and motorsport industry for the past 20 years. He served as President & CEO of Ferrari North America from 2010 to 2014, accelerating a re-branding process in the company’s largest markets (U.S. and Canada), while bolstering emerging ones, such as Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

In 2012, Mattiacci earned the Automotive Executive of the Year Award for increasing company sales while maintaining a “sharp focus on customer satisfaction, ownership experience, and brand integrity.” Under his leadership, Ferrari nearly doubled its sales in North and South American markets.

Prior to that, Mattiacci served as President & CEO of Ferrari Asia Pacific from 2006 to 2010. Headquartered in Shanghai, he established the brand in China and created the first Ferrari corporate entity to run the Japanese market. In 2009, Mattiacci was recognized by the Management World Press and the Development Research Center of the State Council of the State of China as one of 100 leaders named in Outstanding Foreign Enterprises. Mattiacci will bring his expertise and knowledge of the Chinese automotive industry to Faraday Future – an invaluable asset to FF, as the U.S. and China are expected to be the largest markets for the company.

Most recently, Mattiacci served as Managing Director and Team Principal of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 racing team. Mattiacci is an alumnus of the prestigious Columbia University Business School in New York and INSEAD International Executive Program. LeEco, Faraday Future’s strategic partner, congratulated FF on Marco joining the team.

“Mr. Mattiacci is one of the most exceptional executives in the automotive industry today. His new appointment at Faraday Future speaks to the company’s ability to attract internationally-
renowned talent and the popularity of a futuristic approach to mobility,” said Ding Lei, co-
founder, global vice chairman & managing director of LeEco’s Super Electric Ecosystem (SEE) plan.

“As Faraday Future and LeEco continue to work together in a joint effort, Mr. Mattiacci will accelerate the companies’ common vision of a global, smart, internet connected, and shared EV ecosystem, as advocated by Jia Yueting.”

“Throughout my career, I have been a passionate believer in innovation and unique user experiences for customers,” said Mattiacci. “Joining the Faraday Future team is an incredible opportunity that revolves around a completely new, connected, and intelligent way of thinking. I look forward to the role I will play in developing a truly brave and innovative path forward for the industry.”

As he moves into his new role, Mattiacci is tasked with establishing the Faraday Future brand, a groundbreaking user experience, and sales and service platforms on a global scale. Through his proven expertise and ability to communicate across technological and cultural barriers, Mattiacci will support FF in defining and executing an effective business model centered around industry disruption.


Faraday Future is a user-centric, advanced mobility company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Our global team leverages the talents of leading thinkers and passionate creators from the technology and automotive industries to bring premium, intuitive, and seamlessly connected electric vehicles to people worldwide.

Business Insider

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…and everyone will hear about it.

Faraday money laundry now has a direct Connection to the Mafia

How does this company make payroll? Every hire they have announced so far must cost them at least a half million a year, not counting basic engineers, which aren’t cheap if they’re hiring them away from tesla. If they bottle this vapor, it’s going to be the most expensive and sexy vape pen ever.

Perhaps their payroll isn’t nearly as expensive as you think, if they’re just hiring these people on a “consultant” basis, just to lend their name to FF for publicity purposes, while the people in question don’t have to do any actual work.

And the “consultants” wouldn’t necessarily know it’s a scam, either. Perhaps all they know is that they’ve been hired as a consultant, but haven’t yet been asked to actually do anything significant.

It would be the biggest scam since the allies pulled off Operation Bodyguard in WWII.

/.. maybe Tesla SS will reveal this sucker before it’s too late?

Really, the biggest scam? Ever heard of a guy named Bernie Madoff? Or a company named Enron?

I seriously doubt this one, if it really is a scam rather than just an astoundingly inept entrepreneur with waaaay too much money to waste, is even in the running for the top 100.

For another really big scam, try this $6 billion gold mining scam, for example:


The make it by having some massive financial backers.

One sign of a scam: A company top-heavy with executives who get paid a salary for doing nothing, while there are few actual employees doing actual work.

Now, we can’t state as fact that Faraway Faraday Future is a scam. At least, not yet. But as they say: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it probably isn’t a swan. So while it’s possible FF will turn out to be a Black Swan (to mix metaphors), it seems rather unlikely.

With a few hundred engineers working for the company it’s hard to call it top-heavy.

It’s just the big names that makes the news, the so called top of the iceberg.

So far there is no reason to belive it’s a scam. A possible failure yes, but still a serious attempt with serious money coming from their own pockets.

Mikael said:

“So far there is no reason to belive it’s a scam.”

This is a subject upon which reasonable people can have honest differences of opinion, but here I think you’ve stepped beyond mere opinion to a factually incorrect statement.

There are many red flags here; many reasons to think this is more likely to be a scam than not. In fact, there is not one single thing this company has done, no actual achievement they can point to, nor any proprietary intellectual property they own, which would lead anyone familiar with the history of stock scams to think it’s not a scam.

It sounds more like you’re spewing Faraday Future FUD. Are you on Tesla’s payroll?

How does this alleged scam work? How does this alleged scam make money? Who exactly is scammed out of their money. Why would a fabulously successful and wealthy Chinese businessman want or need to pull a scam in the U.S.? Why wouldn’t this fabulously successful and wealthy Chinese business man start a legitimate EV company, instead of a scam EV company?

sven “It sounds more like you’re spewing Faraday Future FUD. Are you on Tesla’s payroll?” Wow, you really are intent on pursuing a feud with me, aren’t you sven? Even in a discussion with no direct connection to Tesla. But let’s stick to facts here. You say my posts here are FUD? Well, how does Wikipedia define that? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [unquote] Now, if you please sven, do point to any example of where I have used either disinformation or “dubious or false information”. From my viewpoint at least, I’ve never done that in any post to InsideEVs. Ever. Why would I? Why would I want to sabotage my own reputation here? You see, sven, unlike you, I try to stick to the facts where possible; and where I express opinion, I try to make it clear that it is just my opinion. “How does this alleged scam work? How does this alleged scam make money?”… Read more »

I expected more class from you. Pretty disappointing.