EVSE Maker ClipperCreek Stresses Safety In Choosing A Charging Station – Video

NOV 11 2016 BY STAFF 5

One of the leading makers of electric vehicle charging equipment – ClipperCreek, has just put out an informative video stressing that all the aftermarket charging station products available out there today are not created equal.

ClipperCreek stress safety in recent video on EVSE purchasing

ClipperCreek stress safety in recent video on EVSE purchasing

Specifically, that ClipperCreek and many other major OEMs have gone through the time and expense to have their units (and manufacturing facilities) safety certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory to ensure that their units perform properly in the field.

We have to confess that checking the certification of the equipment that we used to charge our plug-in vehicles has not been a very high priority in the past for us – but perhaps it should be in the future.

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Hurray, I have been telling people for many years about the risks of using uncertified equipment.

The claim is that they are made with UL parts

Well, nice commercial for Clipper Creek – although they do seem to make good equipment, high priced though some of the products may be. They have ‘minimalist’ pilot lights, and most of the products are just as barebones as they can be, but they seem to do the job. I notice they had all the “Juicebox” products x’d out. Although I have little respect for Underwriter’s Laboratories after they fired their lead tester after not being able to get WTC floors to collapse under the running polemic, CC docking stations have the ‘Listed’ designation which is their toughest rating. My Schneider electric (Square – D) would overheat when used at its 30 amp compacity for hours on end with the roadster. I had to redesign the thing to work with the car, and while I was at it beefed up the current-handling capacity of the wallbox so that it ran cooly at rated loading. The thing had the less severe UL-Recognized (whatever that means) stamping. I miss the time decades ago when there was only one categorization from them, namely a LISTING. This was by no means an ‘approval’ – (and still isn’t). The only thing it indicates is that… Read more »

Does anyone have feedback on JuiceBox? You get the most for your money and it does more.

We are a competitor of Clipper Creek, but I always recommend them first if the customer needs something that my company doesn’t make. We don’t offer Residential or higher amperage chargers. In those categories – Clipper Creek simply has the best selection, for the best price!