EVs Won 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb With New Record (UNOFFICIAL)

JUN 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 56

2015 PPIHC live timing

2015 PPIHC live timing

eO PP03

eO PP03

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race continues, although after the first batch of fastest cars we can already unofficially say that electric cars probably won!

EVs won qualification and now the race! This is the first time in the history that EVs kick ICEs, all of them.

As of now Rhys Millen’s eO PP03 is on  top with by far the best time of 9:07.222. This is a new EV record (almost one second better than last year).

Nobuhiro Tajima’s Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One is second best at 9:32.401!

More reports coming so stay tune…

2015 Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One - practice / qualifying run second day

2015 Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One – practice / qualifying run second day

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No it isn’t. It can not be!

Everyone knows that evs are inferior in every way and global warming is a hoax by a bunch of whiney treehuggers!


I have made my mind up; don’t confuse me with the facts, or evidence or reality!!!

You cannot change minds of the “hostile” crowd, but the successes like these are necessary to convince people at large. There is some analogy of 100 monkeys, if 100 monkeys sign up its equal to all monkeys signing up. The point is critical mass, EVs are still the realm of early adopters and at some point that has to change.

Changes like that often require a generation.
The amount of people I have tried to convince who just cannot wrap their minds around the very concept…

Usually best to not try to convince anybody. Tesla does a better job of it than anybody else, and they do that simply by making a great car that’s also electric. If you have to explain or defend it, if you find yourself arguing for it, you’ve already lost.

Very true…

Charge on!


A remarkable achievement.

Fantastic. Shows that, when engineered for it, BEVs are still faster than ICEs at these gruelling jobs. Cars like the Tesla Model S are engineered for normal road use, and not tracks/hill climbs, etc.

Not as much as you might think. Pike’s Peak is pretty much perfect for EVs. Fairly short course, combined with a very high altitude, and the ICEs are at an extreme disadvantage.

If you look at the results for the Isle Of Man TT, the electrics, which are pretty much all purpose built, do pretty terrible compared to the ICEs, and the electrics only have to do one lap there, the ICEs are all running multiple laps.

I wouldn’t say they’re doing “terrible” at IOM. They’re lapping at over 110 mph now, in only their fifth year of even trying. That’s competitive with the middleweight ICE bikes.

Granted, range is going to be an issue for EVs for the near future, and at some level, maybe even longer than that.

But you have to admit, these ain’t your father’s two-wheeled golf carts.


Yesss! …

Is it possible for a car to have a more awkward and ungainly name than “eO PP03”?

It sounds like an error code on a Volt! Lol
Very good step for EVs.

Have you seen the names of some of the new BMWs?


wow. Seriously, … wow.

…. and should have been 30 seconds faster if it weren’t for a mechanical … according to the driver, Rhys Millen.

Ride along, (comments at the end):

Not to be a wet blanket, but he was 5.03 seconds faster in the ICE Hyundai…and 52.9 seconds off the all time record of Leob’s ICE Peugeot. But it won’t be long before EV holds the overall record.

Yep, Loeb’s record in the lower 8 minute range is unbelievable. I believe it “only” had about 850hp. How much HP does Rhys’ EV race car have? But Rhy’s admits the weight of the batteries becomes a disadvantage in agility. But unless Loeb comes back, the EVs may be repeat winners in future PPIHC races.

Yes. And in reality nothing about racing matters anymore. Reducing energy use is all that counts. Going fast in big cars is anything but efficient.

Racing defiantly matters. Many designs from racing are put into ordinary driving cars. Racing inspires new designs. There are lots of things in your car that will prevent you from getting into an accident that was developed through racing.

You mean five point harnesses, helmets, and roll bars? Oh no, wait, we have deadly airbags instead. The things we should take from racecars we don’t. The hi-tech driving aids we got only encourage driving too fast. They wouldn’t be needed with an energy responsible 45 mph speed limit.

45 mph? You gotta be kidding me! Why not 5 mph? It’s for the children!
Safety before all else, including common sense.

I think you will find that a lot of current EV owners drive around at 45 mph now.

I can’t drive… fiiifty-five.

My volt is relatively efficient at 63 mph and smooth as silk at 85. For a short while.

Relat an SUV perhaps. The Prius C has better fuel economy, and better lifetime CO2.

I look forward to the next report of lifetime CO2 that will include the i3 Rex. I am quite sure it will have the lowest lifetime CO2 of any car to date.

The entire idea about driving a car is that you can go faster than you can riding a bike

That car has 1020 kW (1367 HP). Kerb weight: 1200 kg. More you can find here –> http://driveeo.com/

At the end of the race in an interview he says that he lost his rear motor halfway up the climb. He would have been a lot closer to that all time anomalous record held by Leob.

Impressive run with half the power. But the real challenge will be getting people into smaller vehicles, driving slower. Drove into town today. Got passes on the double yellow as usual for driving the speed limit. It is like watching crack addicts.

You should move to central New Guinea. Then you won’t have to deal with things you think are nasty, such as automobiles, electricity, indoor plumbing, or hot water.

Nor the computer you use to post Luddite messages, either.

people do drive like they are on crack in some cities.

And you’d happily see the majority of the world’s people ground up for Soylent Green.

What is up with:

“Because of the severe weather and course shortening ALL TIMES ARE INVALIDATED!!!”


yea, what the heck does that mean???

The course was shortened due to the accumulation of hail at the peak. The times are not comparable to full course times.

Did pissed off ICE-heads hack and deface the results webpage because an EV had the fastest time this year?

Ha ha, no. The fastest qualifiers were able to get their runs in before the weather got ugly. It was pretty fair around 10-11AM when all the “big boys” ran. Those times at the top between 9 minutes and 10 1/2 minutes are all of the best drivers.

Too bad, they couldn’t let the cars that didn’t get their runs in before the hail storm do full course runs today, so as to keep the leaders times valid. Is there a rule that all runs must be completed on the same day for the results to be valid?

I don’t know how they use the term “valid” as opposed to “official” yet. They do have to get all runs in on one day from the announcers and crowd chatter. Official results have yet to be posted from the scorekeepers.

EVs rule, gasmobiles drool!

🙂 🙂 🙂


What impress me the most is that they lost the rear motor for half of the climb and they still are first overall this year!

Excellent and they do it in style !

Some years the race is shortened because of bad weather at the top— when I was stationed there at Ft Carson in 1966 the mountain had snow on top all but two weeks in August.

You should have seen the faces in the crowd when eO and Rimac went bye. Pure awe. 140+ MPH though the traps was so far beyond what the other cars were capable of…
Pure disbelief. I was at Halfway camp, just before #10 and it looked like Millen was under control. Monster’s car was all over the place, unable to hook up with all of that torque. Just incredible to watch.

Rimac has full 4 wheel control with independent motors for each wheel. eO has differentials. In theory full four wheel control gives better handling, but it takes a lot of tricky engineering to make it better than good old differential. Seems that Rimac is only halfway there.

I’ve spent a lot of time racing and can definitely attest to the Rimac concept looking out of control, though it’s hard to say how much of that was just Tajima’s style it really looked more suspension-related.

As a side note, I could definitely see either of these cars running mid 8’s. A little more driver time and refinement and 20-30 seconds looked very realistic. I know Millen’s car lost RWD around the halfway point, so mid 8’s was probably attainable yesterday for him already.

It seems like the large batteries in the EVs currently give a them lower power to weight ratio than some of the ICE cars. Do you know if any of the EV teams this year or in past years tried using a small boosted ICE range extender and a small battery or large capacitor as a buffer (ie kind of like the 2016 Malibu Hybrid) to power an AWD EV drivetrain?

Very nice!

Nice to see an EV beat ICEs in something other than a drag race.

“This is the first time in the history that EVs kick ICEs, all of them.”

Uh, well, not quite. In the motorcycle bracket, Lightning did the same thing (beat all the ICE vehicles) up the hill in 2013. That’s overall, head-to-head, I-don’t-care-what-ya-brung, fastest up the hill. Just like the car guys did this year.