EVs Fail to Gain a Foothold in Finland


The First Of About 2,500 Fisker Karmas Built Rolls Of Valmet Automotive Assembly Line in Finland In 2011 - Perhaps Fisker's Failure Convinced the Finnish Not to Buy EVs

The First Of About 2,500 Fisker Karmas Built Rolls Of Valmet Automotive Assembly Line in Finland In 2011 – Perhaps Fisker’s Failure Convinced the Finnish Not to Buy EVs

Helsinki Times is reporting that electric vehicles have failed to drum up a meaningful volume of sales in Finland.

Or Is It the Location of Finland That Is Restricting EV Sales?

Or Is It the Location of Finland That Is Restricting EV Sales?

According to the report, the whole of Finland had only 151 EVs registered as of September 2013.

Helsinki Times quotes Tero Kallio, managing director of the Association of the Finnish Automobile Importers, as saying:

“The price is proving the biggest stumbling block. Unlike most other EU countries, Finland has not implemented incentives for buying an electric car.”

According to Kallio, the average EVs costs 10,000 euros ($13,590 US) more than a comparable ICE in Finland.  Kallio stated:

“We need to have financial incentives for purchasing an electric car if we want them to become more common in Finland.”

Helsinki Times then compared Finland to neighbor Norway where EVs sales are booming with 18,000-plus registered EVs.  Again, the Times quotes Kallio as stating:

“In Norway, there is no car tax or VAT on electric cars. Charging points are also free to use.”

Finland’s charging infrastructure is coming online now, with portions of Southern Finland already full of public chargers, but without subsidies, sales of EVs are well behind most European countries.

Some residents of Finland venture as far as Spain to purchased used EVs at close to half the cost of buying the same vehicle in Finland.

However, it does seem that Finland is gearing up for EV sales to take off soon.  Why else would the nation be in the process of building out the charging infrastructure?  It’s seem to be just a matter of time before Finland joins the EV revolution that’s slowly spreading around the globe.

Source: Helsinki Times

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Full year data: http://www.autoalantiedotuskeskus.fi/en/statistics/new_registrations/by_year/2013/new_registrations_of_passenger_cars_by_model_2013_(all_models)

C-Zero: 1
Karma: 1
Model S: 2
Volt: 3
i-Miev: 4
Ampera: 17
Leaf: 41
Prius Plugin: 45

OMG, that’s even less than Belgium, which did absolutely horrible in 2013 with about 300 sold (a drop of 42% compared with 2012, when the incentives ended, and almost no models where available)

Come on SUOMI!

No PEV’s left for Finland, folks in Norway bought them all…


Thingsj are changing quickly here in Finland fortunately. An incentive program similar to what they have in the Netherlands has recently been established. Now companies can lease Tesla Model S with an incentive 24 000 Euros ( ab. 30 000 USD). For Nissan Leaf the sum is 8 000 Euros. (Source: http://www.Auto-outlet.fi ). I’m sure EV sales will start flying high in this corner of Europe too.
PS. Thanks for you guys at insideevs for an highly interesting www-site.

So how much will be Model S after incentive over there. 24 000 Euros sounds huge.

The base price of Tesla S in Finland is 90 000 €. So the incentive is considerable although not as high as in Norway, where it is in the range of 50 000 €. In Holland the incentive in about the same as in Finland.

Although I’m a fan of Vladimir Putin, perhaps the Finns can petition him to give them the rest of their country back which was confiscated in WWII.

As far as EV’s are concerned, I’d think most of the time its just too cold.

When it is very cold around here my Roadster gets 60 miles per charge and my volt gets 6.

Finland gets colder.

Finns are tough. My favorites are Simo Hayha and Nightwish.