Plug-In Electric Vehicles Hit Landmark Milestone Of 1 Million Delivered In China

5 months ago by Mark Kane 19

China NEV sales

Many countries have a desire to reach a goal of 1 million plug-in vehicles (AKA New Energy Vehicles), but only China can boast actually putting the 7 figure mark in the rear-view mirror.


A fairly unique feature of the Chinese plug-in market is the rate of pure-EV adoption;  more than 80% (825,000 out of 1,018,000 total) of all PEVs sold were all-electric.

We should note that the “official data” from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) is slightly behind the local China dealers association data (CAAM) (more than 950,000 sold between 2011 and 2016 – see chart above) with an additional 200,000 moved in the first seven months of 2017.

So the the 1,000,000th delivery actually happened about ~6 months ago.  But it still counts just the same right?

China is also progressing with a plan to unify its license plates for all plug-in vehicles – by this time next year, all will be colored green for easy identification.

“In order to better identify the vehicles, the MPS designated five pilot cities in which 76,000 exclusive green license plates were distributed for new energy vehicles in 2016. The exclusive license plates will cover all Chinese cities by the first half of 2018, the MPS said.

The production and sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to surpass 5 million by 2020, according to the ministry.”

source: China Daily

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19 responses to "Plug-In Electric Vehicles Hit Landmark Milestone Of 1 Million Delivered In China"

  1. SJC says:

    Incentives can get things moving.

  2. najeeb says:

    very encouraging developments going on in the ev markets esp china.lets hope erope and Us market follow soon . this is very old news though. The official news by CAAM was released back in july.

  3. SJC says:

    China does not wait for the “invisible hand” of the so called “free market”. If they want to do something they DO it.

  4. ProudConservative says:

    Too bad liberal unions make this impossible in America.

    1. says:

      Yeah, that’s the problem with America….lol.
      I get the feeling you are trying to infiltrate your political crap into this forum…get a clue, your so called conservatives are among those that in general oppose ev and green energy mainly because they are scared to get off oil and lose their paycheck.

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Please tell us you’re joking.

    3. SJC says:

      Germany has strong auto unions they do fine. Try lying some more.

    4. Windbourne says:

      Proud? Yes.
      Intelligent, informed, or even logical? Nope.
      So, it makes sense that you go with proud.

  5. Kdawg says:

    What is the market share of plugins vs. gassers in China now?

    1. subspace says:

      in recent months plug-ins had well over 2% market share. In August actually 2.9% (52000 out of 1.8Mio). For the year, it is still slightly under 2% due to a slow start.

      1. Kdawg says:

        That’s actually really good compared to the US, and most of Europe.

        1. Windbourne says:

          yes, but those numbers will change in 2018. America should see around 4-5% of their new vehicles being EVs.
          America is likely to do about 15M new cars in 2018. Around 300,000 will be Tesla Model 3s ALONE. And it is likely that leaf, bolt, model S/X, etc will add in another 300-400K.

  6. Benz says:

    VW is going to produce the VW E-Golf in China (for the local market).

    Renault should also start production of the Renault Zoe in China (for the local market).

    Same goes for many other EV models.

    1. Windbourne says:

      Hopefully Tesla will not be so stupid as to do that. But we will see.

  7. wbrignardello says:

    liberal unions yeah you rich selfish conservatives you give up your medicare and we will work for 7.25 an hour

  8. Don Zenga says:

    Cheers for China. This is the country to follow for many countries in plugin segment.
    Guess that the public vehicles like buses and trucks have a much higher plugin sales.

    Now China has 50% + share among plugins. Seems the worldwide 3 million sales will be achieved in December this year or even earlier.

    In December, Tesla Model-3 production ramps up.
    In January, Leaf goes on sale in US/EU.
    So Jan will see a big uptick in both US and EU.

  9. Marty Weirick says:

    I can’t figure out where to leave this comment, so I will leave it here.

    Could the editors, when displaying the monthly plug-in sales total, also add a summation of all the plug-in sales since December 2010 when the Volt and Leaf went on sale?

    Marty Weirick

    1. Benedictus says:

      They do. Click the yellow bar above.

  10. Windbourne says:

    I was just about to blast this stuff because most nations BEV, are actually gas hybrids.
    BUT, 80%??? Wow.

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