Evoke Reduces Weight Of Electric Motorcycles With New Higher Energy Density Cells

FEB 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Evoke Urban Classic & Urban S

Evoke Electric Motorcycles is a Beijing company that is trying to establish itself at the higher-end of the Chinese market.

Evoke Urban Classic

The company was present at the recent 2017 EICMA show in Italy with its new Evoke Urban Classic model and Evoke Urban S (available for the last few years).

Evoke has a rather different approach to the powertrain. It’s using a 19 kW, 117 Nm hub motor.

The battery packs, according to Evoke, now consist of more energy dense cells and improved battery management system, that together enables it to drive around 120 km (75 miles) at 100 km/h (62 mph) or 200 km (124 miles) if measured at a constant speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

“The new battery management system (BMS) incorporates a faster chip which provides data at a higher refresh rate, giving the rider faster, more accurate diagnostics of the bike. The new BMS also includes an enhanced, built-in balancing algorithm which allows for longer battery pack life and more usable per-charge range, reducing the overall maintenance cost for consumers.”

The Urban S is equipped with a 8.7 kWh battery, while Urban Classic uses a slightly smaller 7.8 kWh.

The battery improvements enabled weight reduction for both motorcycles from 185 kg (in spec) to 169 kg (373 lbs), which is 9%.

Evoke Urban S

Evoke Urban Classic

Source: Green Car Congress

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10 Comments on "Evoke Reduces Weight Of Electric Motorcycles With New Higher Energy Density Cells"

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Sounds like they moved from LiFEPO4 to Li-Ion variants.

Maybe NCM-811 ones by CATL.

That’s a good enough range for the type of riding I do. I wonder if these will make it to the US, and at what price. Any warranty?

Not very Impressed …

You never are…


If you have to ask…

If it were cheap, this might actually make more sense as a commuter than a Zero, even though it obviously has less performance & range (and I’m sure doesn’t handle as well).

The claimed 120km (~75mi) range should be fine for daily commuting/errands; while full charging is a bit slow at US voltage (8 hours), most people wouldn’t need to charge from empty to full each night so should be fine. Cells are Samsung SDI cells.

However, According to
Expected US price is $9500 (not sure if that applies to the Urban Classic, or Urban S, which has slightly less battery capacity & range).

That seems expensive to me, given a Zero S ZF7.2 is ~$11K, which performance/handling aside, is lighter by 40kg.

Ok, so it’s a commuter’s bike. That’s nice.

But for that price, I’m not buying a bar hopper.

I’m not replacing my Harley until I can afford to buy something with a range of 200 miles, and recharges in under four hours.

No thanks. I’ll stick to my Zero. 450 mpge running around town, which is what I got it to do.