EVgo Launches Freedom Station With 4 Multi-Standard Fast Chargers

DEC 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 32

EVgo Network Areas

EVgo Network Areas

EVgo recently installed its 100th Freedom Station in California. The site, at Lucky Supermarkets, is the largest site in the U.S. (among public networks) with 4 multi-standard DC fast chargers (50 kW each).

The station is also future-proof with spots for another 4 chargers and capability to raise power to 150 kW.

“The 100th EVgo Freedom Station in California is now open to the public and is the nation’s largest publicly-available multi-standard fast charging site able to serve any vehicle on the road. Located in the hottest electric vehicle (EV) adoption area of the country, the Lucky Fremont location at 5000 Mowry Ave. features four 50kW DC Fast Chargers able to charge vehicles at the same time!  Not only are all the chargers equipped with CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo, the station is also pre-wired for as many as four more chargers, which can be added in just days as demand requires.”

“With the amount of demand for fast charging shown in Fremont and the location of Lucky just off Interstate 880, EVgo and Lucky believe this will quickly become the busiest public DC Fast charging location in the nation. This Freedom Station is equipped to charge any EV on the road today. DC Fast Charging allows most EVs to get a nearly full charge in less than 30 minutes. With the ability to plug in 9 vehicles, this location offers both the CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo charging standards, in addition to Level 2 charging.”

Terry O’Day, EVgo West Region Vice President said:

“This station is the first of a new generation of EV charging in America. With this installation, EVgo is crossing a threshold. We are already the largest provider of public DC fast charging. This station is the first of its kind to serve not only this generation, but the next generation of EVs with more power and range.”

“With such rapid growth in EV adoption, it is important that EVgo’s stations be able to grow just as fast. That is why this station is designed and built not just to double in size in a matter of days if needed, but to also add power capacity easily up to 150 kW when that technology is available.”

Mike Haaf, General Manager of Lucky, a subsidiary of Save Mart Supermarkets said:

“Lucky is thrilled to offer the convenience of electric car charging stations right at our store. These chargers are so fast, the car should be completely charged by the time a shopper stocking up on groceries for the week is finished.”

EVgo says it has 103 charging locations in California (28 more are under construction or in the permitting process).

Nationwide there are already 500 Freedom Stations with more public DC fast chargers than all other public providers combined.

EVgo map:

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These refrigerators with copious amounts of black spaghetti, leave a lot to be desired aesthetics-wise. Tesla’s Superchargers are a much more elegant design. They’re eye-candy compared to this ugly street furniture.

This isn’t built for Teslas, but Nissan Leafs. So the design is very fitting. Joking aside, the possibility of 150kW, makes this potentially sexier than the current 120kW Supercharger. Chargers aren’t measured in looks, but power. Their primary job is to charge cars, you don’t have to buy them, you will have to want to use them. And in that case 3 times faster charging beats looks at any time.
(Just to clarify, I don’t want to say 3 times faster than the SC, but, potentially, 3 times faster than the current ones. My point is, that its a good thing they improved performance, instead of looks)

The current 120 kWh Superchargers won’t be current forever.

Just like the 90 kWh Superchargers have been upgraded so will the 120s in the not too distant future.

Tesla is not an immobile target.

Robb please, kW not kWh.
kW=Power, power, power. What’s needed to charge faster.
kWh=Capacity, capacity, capacity. What’s needed to go longer distance

It’s not just for Leaf’s.. but for Rav4’s, KiaSoul’s, BMW i3s, Mitsu iMiev’s, etc.

I guess they were trying to give volume for the money!!
As Tesla’s SC shows it needs little space for far more power.
And they should have 1 post for 4 spaces direct from a pole drop.

You completely ignore the large cabinets with the guts of the supercharger.

Pay no attention to the large cabinet/small building next to the SC’s.

Sven, this is just Tesla fanboy trolling 🙂

Happy christmas!

And a Merry Christmas to you and your family, Djoni. 😀

Happy about the Fremont chargers, yay!

This IS good news. The more chargers the more display of how many EVs people use every day, the more potential sales.

I shop at that grocery store.

…which means that you probably don’t need these chargers if you can charge at home.

“With the ability to plug in 9 vehicles, this location offers both the CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo charging standards, in addition to Level 2 charging.”

I find this statement very misleading. Yes, there are 9 plugs, but only 5 can charge at the same time – four fast chargers and one L2 charging station.

I can’t be bothered with the looks, it’s like complaining over how petrol pumps look.

As long as there’s a chademo plug I’m a happy camper 🙂

As long as it’s got the volts and amps it’s supposed to have, I’m happy.

These chargers are a Sandi Oil Minster’s worst nightmare.

Haven’t seen one in person. I don’t expect I will any time soon.

This is hopefully a sign of the type of fast charger installations we will see nationwide a few years from now with 100 to 150 kW power level and multiple chargers per location. IMO multiple chargers per location like we see here are essential if the there is to be mainstream adoption of EVs. Why? Reliability. We need to have Fastned style fast charging stations here in the US. And what I mean is the way they always have 2 or more fast chargers per location. I believe we can safely say that adoption of electric vehicles won’t become mainstream in this country until the fast charger infrastructure is at a place of being completely reliable. Just as reliable as visiting a gas station with the gauge on E and being quite sure to be able to fill up. I realize there are additional factors in EV adoption like longer range and affordable cars, but this is a big one for the small percentage of trips that require DCFC.

I would hope to see a network of CHAdeMO and CCS chargers with coverage similar to Tesla’s current coverage in the US by at least 2022.

Imagine what Tesla will have then.

Barely any more then today.

DCFC is needed for travel outside your EV’s range from home charging. Having them at local supermarkets is kind of redundant.

Except people that live where there is no home charging. Then, why would they buy an EV?

It’s a whole new paradigm folks. We don’t need to replace gas stations with electric stations to have viable EV use. I’d be willing to wager that 70% or more of the cars in my neighborhood never go outside a 30-mile radius of their house.

There are several dozen existing quick charger locations that need this time of construction. But it is very nice they are doing this to break up some of the long lines at existing charging stations.

Now if they could put something like this along the New Jersey Turnpike and other major interstates we might be starting to get somewhere.

I use the station just a few days ago with my JdeMO equipped RAV4 EV and it was completely packed .

That spells good news. They claim that they will expand to up to 80 QCs if demand is present. I hope it remains packed, keeping the pressure on EV Go to keep expanding!

In the future, businesses will lure customers with free (or discounted) charging specials.

Imagine a hotel that offers a full recharge when you arrive, just to pay your cost of transportation. Free charging would also be an attractive amenity at any restaurant, theater, shopping mall, and, I suppose, upscale apartment complexes.

In exchange, businesses will get what they want: more of our time, attention, and money ( the longer you shop, the you recharge…)

And to pay for this, I can imagine that some of these businesses will furnish their parking lots with solar PV canopies.

You cannot get any more decentralized, local, green, and sustainable than that.

While the folks who would be receiving the benefit of free chargers may think that will be the future, I suggest that the folks who actually own the property and like to make money won’t be offering “free”.

In addition, free has its own issues… free-loaders tend to block free chargers.

We really need more of these. All public charging must have at least 2 fast chargers for reliability. Right now, if you are on a trip and the only DCFC within miles is down, you are stuck for hours, assuming you can find a L2. This is why we take the gas car on road trips even though I love the LEAF for everyday use.


Thanks for this station, can you please next look at Barstow and Baker California so Southern California EV owners (non Tesla) can get to Las Vegas?

Wow, someone’s finally figured out that more than one plug per location is a good idea.

Is anyone talking about just how expensive EVgo chargers are? I used this charger recently, and it cost me $8 to get 75 miles of range in 15 minutes. It’s the $5 transaction fee that’s the killer. And I don’t need access often enough to justify a $15/month plan. It’s just nowhere near as economical as gasoline. I want to take my EV on the occasional long trip, but it’s a shame that price is encouraging me to take my ICE car.