eVgo: 55 Fast Chargers in California!

JUL 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

55 Fast Chargers in California! (39 eVgo Freedom Station)

55 Fast Chargers in California! (39 eVgo Freedom Station)

NRG eVgo announced earlier this month that the number of fast charging stations increased to 55 in California.

“NRG eVgo is making major progress in California! As of today, we have 55 fast-charging sites throughout the state. That’s 39 Freedom Station® sites and 16 dealership fast chargers in the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, San Diego County and the Los Angeles Basin.”

Moreover, as almost all of the current sites have only CHAdeMO chargers, NRG eVgo has begun to add SAE Combo units.

“All Freedom Station sites are designed to support current and future charging technology. Each Freedom Station has CHAdeMO chargers and we have now begun to add SAE Combo charging. But no matter what electric car you drive, every Freedom Station can serve you today, since each also has a Level 2 charger.”

eVgo Freedom Station

eVgo Freedom Station – every electric car can use Level 2

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Single Fast chargers is no way to build a functional network for the large numbers of EVs currently on the road. And no way to sell EVs to new consumers, “You can charge your car here on trips, unless ONE other person has the same idea.”

People will put up with 30-45minute recharges for those few trips outside of their normal home region, but no a 3hr charge. The future is really in doing something similar to FastNED but in the US. And focusing on a market at a time. Not spreading one’s resources so thin, and so far.

Well, they are legally required to build 200 stations from a settlement for a lawsuit against it (for bilking customers during an energy crisis), so they are really only going to do the bare minimum. And the design CARB favors anyways are “clusters” of such single charger stations in major cities, rather than multiple charger stations in a highway design.

Well . . . the chargers are damn expensive. I don’t think you’ll see more than one installed unless they get a lot of usage.

The question is, if there were such a site that was busy enough to justify an additional DCFC, would they add another? Does their site planning even allow for adding another unit? Will they ever deploy units that can split their output between two cars with the same total output as the current units? Leaf and MiEV vehicles start to taper down the power quite early. It would be nice to be able to push the extra into another car like Tesla does on their Superchargers.

Splitting power would be quite nice and definitely assist in reducing wait times for a charger. I have yet to use Chademo to charge my Leaf, but if I had to take a guess there is likely less than 10 minutes where it would actually charge at the full 50 KW rate before starting to taper down, and maybe a 15 KW rate by the time it is around 80% charged. That is a lot of time and energy that could be delivered over to a second vehicle. Power splitting between the vehicles could probably assist with demand leveling to the utility. Going from a single circuit delivering a very fast 50 KW rate to tapering down to 15 KW, a 5 minute 0 KW rate, then back to a spike of 50 KW as the next vehicle begins has to have more effect than a charger or circuit that were able to more consistently stay between 30 and 50 KW delivery. I would also have to believe adding additional Chademo connectors and cable would cost a whole lot less than a second complete station and would probably be able to charge just about twice as many vehicles over the… Read more »

I think EVgo might be serous about becoming a EV fast charger plug power house in that they are building a fairly good sized system in Texas along with Washington DC.

Also I found information that shows that they want to open up a system of fast chargers in Nashville Tennessee and Miami Floria. In that they are getting together people to go look at these charger sites.

NRG’s EV Charging Team in CA is not a “real company” and is run by a Santa Monica politician. They don’t care about making money or the customer/its a pure political play to make Sacramento happy. But you knew this right?