Ever Wonder Where All of the Tesla Model S Sedans Are in the US?


2 in Idaho...2 in Wyoming...0 in Montana

2 in Idaho…2 in Wyoming…0 in Montana

This map is by no means exhaustive, but we still believe it provides an accurate look at where the Tesla Model S sedans are predominantly located throughout the US.

Robert (who resides in Boston) of TeslaMotorsClub.com is responsible for creating and maintaining this ZeeMap, which uses crowd-sourced information to log as many Model S orders/sales as possible in the US.

By following the link below, you’ll be able to zoom into any area of the US to see some extremely detailed locations on the Model Ss in the States.

We can’t say that we’re surprised by the locations of the dots on the map (heavy in California, Florida and on the East Coast), but there are a few owner locations that jump out (we think Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was an unexpected Model S spot…and 0 in Montana?).

Now it’s time to follow that link and see what you find.

Source: ZeeMaps

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Sampling of 1850 Volt owners here: http://www.voltstats.net/Stats/OwnerMap



It’s Robert.Boston (Robert dot Boston), not Robert Boston. He’s called Robert and he lives near Boston and works in Boston.

Eric Loveday

LOL…Yes that’s funny… Fixing now…Thanks

David Murray

Looks like somebody a few blocks away from me has one. Might have to drive by and look!


Drive there, park, get out and go and stand by the car. Eventually the owner will come and talk with you about the car. They’re used to Tesla Time.

Flemming H

Amazing how a fantastic car, can bring people to talk… 🙂


There’s one in Grand Rapids MI that is not on this map.


I’m not at all sure I would like this if I were the guy in the middle of nowhere who just bought an S and you could zoom in and see it in my driveway. Some level of coarseness should be inserted into the data. Change coordinates to the same generic county coords for ever record in that county, say.


The information is provided by the Model S owners so is as coarse as they like.


A perfect map, for the guy who “hates cans”.

Tony Williams

Having grown up in Montana, I’m used to that state being twenty years behind the rest of the USA. If some rich famous people hadn’t decided that Montana was the cool new place in the 1980’s, it would look exactly how I left it then.


Ditto for me. On the east side of the Rocky’s there is a lot of history of oil companies. Conoco, Phillipes, etc. My granddad retired from Conoco. Gas there is relatively cheap as well.

Cpt. Vasili Borodin

I would have liked to have seen Montana.

Tony, I’ve lived in Montana on and off as a child and as an adult besides also living on both the East and West coasts. I got started in the software industry in Montana of all places, after moving away from the East Coast. Your description of Montana is overly simplistic. Montana is not always 20 years behind the rest of the nation. Well sometimes it seems just about that way when it comes to some things, but its not due to the folks that live there. The Democrats won the last 3 elections for the Governors race – compare that to nearby Idaho. Though it tends to be a predictably red state in presidential races, it is much more politically independent than many other red states. I’m NOT saying left = ahead and right = behind, my point is in Montana you at least have more than one ideology being represented. They passed a Medical Marijuana in 2004 (if that’s your thing) –is that 20 years behind the rest of the nation? They elected the 1st woman ever to congress — they were ahead of the entire nation on that one. Most importantly, Montana has one of the most… Read more »

I know one in Alaska Sarah Palin is the owner


You must be joking.

Anton Wahlman

Doesn’t this just look like a general US population density map? Or a map reflecting public charging stations combined with average daily driving distance needs? I mean, where’s the surprise?


Interesting how many people have ordered Model X’s.

Why did he not put the Super-chargers on the map?


It is good to know that thanks to the Tesla Motors Club with the Model S the US has now successfully annexed most of Canada. 😉


Can’t possibly be right, or at least not updated. I live in Los Gatos, in the CA South Bay, and it’s the car you see the most on the streets. The map shows one. My guess is that there are 50 – 100 here, they are not all out-of-towners.