Even Fox News Enjoys Driving Volkswagen e-Golf


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

Yes guys and gals…even Fox News enjoys the Volkswagen e-Golf.

We knew eventually that even Fox News would warm up to electric cars.  Some quotes from the Fox News video:

“A Golf has never been this green.

“The folks at VW said they didn’t want to start selling an electric car until they could do it right, and a brief drive in the e-Golf reveals that they have done just that.”

“…it gets up to speed easily, if not rocket quick, and the power delivery is smooth and natural. From the driver’s seat there’s barely any noise from the motor or anywhere. Not a squeak or rattle to be heard.”

“The ride is very comfortable and compliant, and the handling is as sharp as you’d expect from a Golf. The interior is very nicely appointed, and the way they packaged the battery pack is really amazing. The cargo bay doesn’t just have a low, flat load floor, but there’s extra space under it.”

“Overall, the e-Golf is one of the strongest efforts to date in the electric space…”

Source: Fox News

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Fox enjoyed it? They must have been paid off by VW. LOL!

I don’t know how converting one of your gas cars to electric is the “strongest effort to date in the electric space” but we’ll take it!

It is certainly VW’s strongest effort, though from what we’ve read the E-Up! is pretty darn good.

Now can we get a 100+ -mile EV for crying out loud!

Because the eGolf is far more than a conversion. The entire platform was build from the ground up to accept multiple drivetrains: electric, gas, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and more!

The eGolf has the same trunk and passenger space as the gasoline version. Compare this to a Ford Focus electric, and you’ll see why the eGolf is not a conversion.

Of course Fox News loved it. It’s not a car that’s been made political by the media like the Volt and Model S. It just shows their own stupid bias.

Koch brothers has stock in VW

I hope driving this plug-in didn’t cause any divorces at Fox News.

(do they even allow David Broder near EVs anymore?)

I thought Broder was NYT not Fox News.

Broder’s at WAPO

Competition. S’all good.

I bought a Limestone Gray two weeks ago after much research into BMW i3 and Leaf. It’s a design miracle. Drives whisper quiet and smooth as silk. It only comes in the fully loaded SEL version and at 36K less 7500 tax credit it’s an absolute steal. There’s even a little discounting off MSRP going on. Leatherette interior feels almost like leather.

I can’t believe how well thought out it is. I love it.


While I understand that you aren’t exactly writing a full review here, you say nothing about why you chose the e-Golf over any of the other cars you considered. You could have easily described the Leaf just now.

I’ve had my blue eGolf for almost 2 months now. The Leaf is fugly. The ride wasn’t as nice, in particular the steering feel of the eGolf was better. For a similarly equipped Leaf, I would have had to pay quite a bit more. All other things equal, about $80/mo more on my lease. The Leaf’s infotainment system was better, however. The i3 is … interesting looking. I kinda like it, while my wife hates it. But the cost of the i3 ruled it out completely. At least $10k more. And a BMW — not exactly known for standing behind their products. Strict 4 seater? Wicked fast though. The Focus was a tighter fit inside, especially in the cargo area. Microsoft/Ford Sync is a negative based on my experience with it in rentals. Adding leather, roughly the same price as the eGolf for not quite as good a car. Not nearly as nice a fit-and-finish as the eGolf. Ford dealer wouldn’t honor my company’s pricing deal. Kia Soul EV, cargo area too small. Couldn’t find one to test drive. Seems kinda cheap inside (climbed around in one at the LA Auto show after purchase) Mercedes B. Very awkward seating position.… Read more »

“…next generation power train…”


‘Next Generation Drivetrain”?

This is next generation drivetrain!!!


Will GM be the 1st to market EREV but BMW be remembered as bringing to to the masses?

And I’m guessing this will come to us unwashed masses in the Midwest around 2017?

Is there actually something to justify this cheap shot at Fox? Any proof whatever of an anti-ev bias there? Any story? Anything?

The WSJ (which runs a show on Fox) is well known for having an anti-ev bias. However, Fox does not run that show.

As long as Fox viewers are less well informed about current events than people who never pay any attention to the news. They diserve every slam they get.

The easy answer to your question is to search Youtube for “Fox News electric cars”. There’s plenty of content there.

I like this relatively new one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED037ctSU4E

I liked the video. I don’t really watch cavuto much.

And this is Faux News? Who ever wrote the script would be in the firing range about now.

“The folks at VW said they didn’t want to start selling an electric car until they could do it right”

More like they didn’t want to start selling EV’s until they (and all the rest of the 2nd tier car makers) all were required to start selling them under the California ZEV mandate.

But whatever.

Even the hosts on Fox News like the Chevy Volt after they “actually drove it”.

But they keep on hating it b/c it is their “job” to hate due to all the political reasons…