Evatran Plugless L2 Becomes First Wireless Charger to Receive ETL Certification

APR 14 2014 BY STAFF 11

The PLUGLESS L2 System manufactured by Evatran has become the “first wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system to carry the prestigious ETL certification mark.”

Plugless L2

Plugless L2

“Consumers will see the ETL certification mark on the PLUGLESS L2 System and feel confident that the product has met the relevant safety standards and will perform as promised.”

According to Evatran:

“The PLUGLESS L2 System is currently available for both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF vehicles, and uses inductive power transfer through magnetic fields to transfer energy from a transmitting coil in the system’s parking pad, which lies on the garage floor. Using the system’s parking guidance feature, the driver parks his vehicle above the pad, which converts this energy into an electrical current that charges the EV.”

The only real drawbacks to the Evatran system are slow charging rates (3.3 kW max), compatability with only select models, and cost.  All of which are discussed in detail here.

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What is ETL?

“The only real drawbacks to the Evatran system are slow charging rates (3.3 kW max), compatability with only select models, and cost.”

What about the efficiency compared to plug in?

95%, mine will be installed next week:)

Let us know how you like it.

It will always be less efficient than being directly plugged in.

Maybe 84 to 90 % efficiency depending on alignment variables…


Haha! Hey, they trimmed the sides of the wall unit and went from “porcelan white” to a black and gray so it won’t look like a toilet seat. Probably a good move. (And I hope they fired their original industrial designer.)

I’d rather spend the money on more battery capacity in the car.

I can imagine at the turn of the last century, somebody ordering a new car an wondering if he would take the rumble seat or the electric starter as an option…

Ahhh! She’ll start easy enough with the hand crank, she’ll be brand new!
Hey Chief! I’ll go with the rumble seat and forget the electric starter, those things will never catch on anyway!;)

Really? You’re gonna compare hand-cranking an engine (a difficult and dangerous task) to plugging in?

Yes, it is a step.
My view of the future of EVs is standard wireless charging for every EVS with control panels INSIDE the car as opposed to the Evatran model.
I can just see a big parking lot at the shopping mall full of standardised charging pads at every parking spots. the pad will evaluate the charging rate necessary for the vehicule and start charging.
Simple, clean and most important in the city, Theft proof.
What we have now is few charging spots with cords and plugs open to vandals. but that’s ok for today, but in a few years (not many)when most of cars will be electric, you really want to see cords and plugs all over the parking lot, really?
Efficiencies aside, it’s innevitable in my mind.
Now, ask yourself this question, what are the pros and cons of standard wireless charging versus plugs. If you come up with a favorable list for the plug, please share it with us so we can review it together and gain knowledge as to what the future holds for us.
I’m not a 100% sure of the wireless system’s market penetration, but i’m pretty damn close to it!