Evatran and Bosch Launch Promotional 30% Off Pricing For The First 250 PLUGLESS Buyers


Christmas is behind us, but Evatran and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has a gift for its customers.

Plugless Wireless Charging Unit

Plugless Wireless Charging Unit

Both companies announced at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show that the first 250 customers who order the PLUGLESS wireless charging system will get 30% off due to a promotional pricing reduction.

“The PLUGLESS system offers a convenient, wireless charging alternative to the repetitive process of unplugging and plugging-in electric vehicles. The reduced pricing includes all charging hardware and is as much as a 30% discount off the system’s standard MSRP. The discount is available only to the first 250 customers.”

The PLUGLESS system for the Chevrolet Volt will cost – after discount – $1,998 and for the Nissan LEAF $2,098, which means that’s a $1,000 savings for 250 lucky buyers.

Before you run to order the 3.3 kW PLUGLESS, read this statement:

“The PLUGLESS system is currently compatible with all Chevrolet Volt model years and 2010 – 2012 Nissan LEAF model years.

“Additional vehicles and model years will be announced in early 2014.”

Only old Nissan LEAFs can use Evatran’s PLUGLESS adapter mounted under the chassis. Over 22,000 new 2013 LEAFs are incompatible, probably due to a change in the on-board charging system. For 2013, the on-board charger was moved from rear to under the hood and is optionally available in a higher 6.6 kW version. PLUGLESS puts out just 3.3 kW. That is a pity because the LEAF is one of the best selling EVs in U.S. Evatran will probably solve this problem soon.

All Volts are compatible now.

What’s more interesting, deliveries of first 250 units will start next month and will go on for a few months before eventual future ramp-up of the production.

 “Initial shipments of the PLUGLESS system, the first wireless EV charging product in the world available to individual EV drivers, will begin in February 2014.”

“The first 250 units, dedicated to this promotional program, will be delivered from February through May 2014, based on the customer’s order processing date. Delivery quantities will be limited to this Program for the first five months of production and additional orders will be placed on a waiting list for delivery beginning in June 2014.”

Rebecca Hough, Evatran CEO and Co-Founder said:

“Since the beginning of our Company, we have focused on bringing this convenient charging technology to individual EV drivers,. After years of trials with commercial and municipal partners including Google, Duke Energy, the City of Raleigh, and Hertz, we’re excited to announce that the time has come. To celebrate our first shipments, we will be offering a 30% discount off the price of our PLUGLESS system to our initial 250 customers. This is an important day for the future of electric vehicles and we’re proud to invite our first 250 customers to join us in making history.”

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It still looks like a toilet seat cover hanging on the wall.

Does that include the install?

The one Mercedes – Benz engineer said there have not been sufficient health studies regarding these things. That seems prudent to me, i’ll wait.

I emailed them yesterday, still waiting for a reply.
i did not know they were canadian since the website does not include Canadian provinces in the request form, but i see a phone number in the video, so i will give them a call tomorow.
the part that worries me is the cost on installing the receiver on the car.
i, ll chime in if i get that info.

Plugless Power (Evatran) is a U.S. based company with engineering in NC and manufacturing in VA.

The Plugless Power technology has achieved over 90% efficiency as measured from your home’s 208/240V electrical outlet to your vehicle’s existing on-board battery charger. This loss of efficiency, which is present in similar electrical devices, does not lead to increased charging times for your EV. Your vehicle will continue to recharge in the same amount of time needed by traditional corded methods, which can range from two to eight hours depending on the size of your vehicle’s battery. My GE WattStation has a tested efficiency of 99% so I’ll stay with that. Plugless charging, however, will have widespread use when autonomous vehicles hit the market.

Does it work work covered with snow?