EV West Debuts The “EV Show” – Video

DEC 7 2014 BY JAY COLE 6

EV West Show And Their Repurposed

EV West Show And Their Repurposed Battery From A “Popular” EV Maker Using 18650 Cells

Good friend of InsideEVs, and owner of EV West (of which one might recall from their recent DIY Electric 818 project) Michael Bream (of cutting open a lithium battery with a table saw fame) has started a new monthly EV show for “anyone who wants to build an electric car” – as that is EV West’s forte.

The discussion and atmosphere is pretty informal as Michael and uber intern Eric Hutchison go through what’s new in EV DIY.

Fair warning:  If your thing is plunking down a $100,000 check for a Tesla Model S P85D, and the extent of your interest in EV technology ends there, this is probably not for you.

But if you want to see Tesla 18650 cells (or rather described as a “very popular electric car company” in the show) repurposed into a 3 kWh battery module then this probably your cup of tea.  (at the 10:40 mark)

More information on DIY components and projects can be found at EV West

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Good show. 🙂

Shop dog, “OhNo”?

I like the sound of the high millage conversions they’re planning, with the *BEEP* 18650 cells. 😀

Jehu’s EV Bus looks awesome! Love the Star Trek shirt!

And the Red Ferrari, looks pretty sweet.

I still dream of building a replica Detroit Electric…

I liked the 1st show, appreciate the effort, and look forward to more next month, but the guy on the left, Eric, makes way too many jokes trying to be funny to make up for his insecurity and lack of being a car guy. Unfortunately he’s distracting from some fantastic information. I suggest he not give up the humor entirely, but tone it way down next time. Know your audience and be sure to educate and communicate clearly. On the plus side his Ferrari EV conversion project is awesome and I hope it all turns out well. He’s very fortunate to have a great knowledgeable friend, with a shop, to help him out.

Click and Clack, (the Tappet Brothers) they are not, but the concept of the show is a bit fun. I have no Idea why a “field” show about incorrect use of a contactor economizer is noteworthy, since I couldn’t hear what was being said over the music which I guess was supposed to indicate tongue in cheekness.

I just hope half the show isn’t always commercials for junk the factories drop off. I have my own overpriced EVSE already.

We finally got a website up for the show. Bear with us as we get this thing charged up.



The EV Show crew

This is like a west coast friendly competitor to EVTV. I think I’ll watch em both. 🙂

FYI: the battery you refer to looks to me like what was used in the Roadster. I’m wondering if they are new or how used they are, they don’t really say.

And, technically, the battery pack contains many 18650 cells, which are a common l-ion battery made by panasonic, used in laptop and other battery packs. The only drawback with these cells is they need heating/cooling management, they have issues with getting too hot otherwise. So, the pack you see contains many 18650 cells surrounded by this cooling/management system inside it, so, cool deal for them to get these!