EV Sales In China Pass 2015 Results, Now Approaching 350,000

NOV 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Plug-in electric vehicle sales (or New Energy Vehicles as they are known locally) in China amounted to 44,000 registrations in October, while production moved ahead to ~49,000 last month.

Even more amazing then the volume itself is the widening gap between all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, illustrating the different demographic needs of consumers in large cities in China vs the rest of the world.

BYD e6 400

BYD e6 400 – over 3,000 sales in October

All-electric vehicles (BEVs) sales ended the month at 39,000 sold (44,000 produced), while plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) noted only 5,000 sales (ditto for production)l that is almost a 9:1 ratio.

“According to the statistics made by CAAM, in October, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 49 thousand units and 44 thousand units respectively, increasing 14.3% and 8.1% year on year.

To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 44 thousand units and 39 thousand units, increasing 28.0% and 19.7% year on year; and such figures for PHEV were both 5 thousand units, decreasing 39.1% and 38.6% year on year.”

Official data from native manufacturers shows that EV sales have already exceeded the 2015 total, standing at 337,000 YTD with two months to go, heading to a potential target of over 450,000 this year (China historically always “finishes big” in November and December).

Again, plug-in hybrids only hold a fraction of the market for 2016 to date at around 23% (79,000 PHEV registrations vs 258,000 for BEVs).

“For the first ten months, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 355 thousand units and 337 thousand units respectively, increasing 77.9% and 82.2% year on year. To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 276 thousand units and 258 thousand units, increasing 98.1% and 102.5% year on year; and such figures for PHEV were both 79 thousand units, increasing 31.0% and 37.2% year on year.”

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – October 2016

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – October 2016

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Excellent news. By the end of 2017 I forecast close to 50 billon miles will be on electricity around the planet. That will be significant as to exhaust pollution reduction!!!!!

I did read an article recently indicating that air pollution in China is falling. It was so bad that they were forced into their current course of actions on reducing air pollution, although water pollution got worse during the same period.

If it takes sales of over 25 million automobiles a year for China to have a healthy economy, then even with half a million EVs and hybrids among them, conditions are going to get worse.

Good point nix,

Additionally, they are applying a fine/toll to pollution vehicles entering city areas.

With a plan to have 5million ev on the roads super390 can breath easy. The ev revolution is well and truly underway.


It’s great to see China moving the way it is. I know it still has it’s problems but while the developed world are wed to the past and frantically trying to drag the world back to the 1960’s China is positioning it’s self to fill the void being created.

In 2013 5 EV’s were sold in the USA for every 1 EV in China this year it looks like there will be 3 EV’s sold in China for every 1 EV sold in the USA. That is a big shift the question I have in my mind is who’s auto-industry is more sustainable? What will cars look like in 2030? who is going to be mass producing those cars? IMO Not the companies who were making all the cars in 1980’s.

Good to see China set an example to the world of how things are done to improve the lives of millions, unlike this our corrupt Australia Government.

Also great to know that all the BEV’s must be charged using electricity (obviously) compared to never knowing really if the PHEV are ever plugged in once bought. Another great example for the world to follow.

If we are talking EVs and not PHEVs, then we might have 1% of global sales of EVs by 2020. Some are saying 10%, there is no evidence for that claim.

At the current rate of growth, BEVs should reach about 1.2% of the market in 2018, almost 2% in 2019 and 3% in 2020. 10% by 2020 is not impossible from a consumer perspective (just look how fast the market grew from 2% to 10% and beyond in Norway), but I don’t think the manufacturers will be able to change their production and thinking that fast.

owner’s concern of need for longer range vehicles – gas fueled, is easily resolved with ready available of rental vehicles for specific “road trips”. Most owners take these trips infrequently. perhaps an “exchange” on daily basis where owner of gas car will take an EV for a short period so EV owner can manage the longer road trip?