Plug-In Vehicle Owners – The Streets of Paris Are Yours!

smog in paris


Smog in Paris

Smog in Paris

Paris, France is now officially a plug-in vehicle owner’s paradise.

smog in paris

Paris Where Are You?

Due to heavy smog, Paris has launched alternative driving days for the first time since 1997. Even-numbered license plates are banned from the city from 5:30 am today until midnight.  Odd-numbered license plates will be banned tomorrow if smog levels persist

However, vehicles classes as “virtuous” (EVs, plug-in hybrid, CNG and vehicle with more than 3 occupants) are exempt, meaning that they can freely travel within Paris.

Additional measures to combat smog include:

  • The movement of trucks over 3.5 tons is prohibited
  • Free residential parking for Parisians
  • Free parking for banned vehicles
  • Free short-term EV rentals

Other vehicle not affect by the ban are as follows:

  • Fire and rescue vehicles, transport related to health and funeral transport
  • Buses, taxis and driver’s ed vehicles
  • Construction vehicles and equipment, garbage trucks, money transport, newspapers, mail, tanker trucks, refrigerated trucks and so on
  • Personal vehicles for bus and subway employees, sales representatives, and journalists
  • Trucks and vans under 3.5 tons
  • Any vehicle registered outside of France

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I know there is nothing happening in the EV space but Tesla, but you guys covered this story yesterday.

“vehicles classes as “virtuous”

That would be bicycles.

While related, they aren’t the same. The ‘other’ Paris story was that the government was making public EVs and bicycles free to ‘rent’ over last weekend to ease the smog problem.

This story is about banning standard petrol cars from the city.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

~80% of French electricity comes from clean, safe, efficient and inexpensive nucular power. EVs hardly contribute to urban air pollution anywhere, and in France, hardly contribute to national air pollution everywhere.

“clean, safe, efficient and inexpensive nuclear power. I guess that doesn’t include the $150 billion plus Fukushima cleanup costs or the million plus acres contaminated at Chernobyl??

Last time I looked at a map Fukushima and Chernobyl weren’t in France. It’s sort of like saying “man cars are dangerous, my drunk uncle keeps wrecking his”. Yes driving around in cars is dangerous. Just not as dangerous as when you’re in the car with drunk uncle.

With all of those exceptions, I question how effective the ban will be. How will the police know if you are a sales rep or something like that?

Show them your self-printed serious business card.

Public transit is also free at smog days

The fine is only 22Euros.
The Parisians are ignoring the ban.

False. The Guardian reports that 90% of Parisians heeded the ban.

The authorities there are pronouncing it a massive success, declaring victory and abolishing it the same day!

Not if they get fined multiple times on the same day.

Proof that plug-in cars are twice as valuable as ICE cars. 😉

I will celebrate the day when some big city has the guts to prohibit ICE’s inside it’s city limits (or at least inside the central areas.

I just came back from a few days in Rome and loved seeing a lot of Twizy’s and Smart ED’s there. It’s a first step even though the air was still pretty heavy compared to home.