EV Fleet Condor Has 12,000 Orders

OCT 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

EV Fleet Condor

EV Fleet Condor

North Carolina-based EV Fleet came to the 2015 Battery Show with a few bold claims.

EV Fleet CEO and founder Brooks Agnew told AutoblogGreen that after completing tests they intend to begin sales of Condor electric trucks with a 1,000-pound payload rating in the US in February 2016.

Those vehicles will be available with 26 or 50 kWh battery packs, good for 40 or 100-120 miles, respectively.

The 26 kWh version will start at $46,500, while the 50 kWh (24 kWh more energy) will be only $3,000 more expensive, which slightly exceeds our understanding of battery costs. Prices are before any incentives/tax credits.

The biggest claim is this number: 1,117 fleets (US and in other countries) “expressed their interest” and 12,000export orders over the next five years, with an expected 500 to be delivered in the first year.”

With 12,000 orders. EV Fleet would be in a great position as a start-up, although this sounds too good to be true.

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$125/kWh that exceeds all understanding of battery costs. Would be nice if true.

I also like how less than double the battery storage improves the range by 2.5 to 3 times. Something is very wrong with these people.

I just wonder where they’re sourcing their Ford Ranger cabs since Rangers haven’t been made for a few years now…

I understand there’s a pretty good market for used pickups in Mexico… 😉

That’s cool but I always thought the answer would be some kind of delivery truck that has a battery that you can swap in and out so you can load it with a forklift for companies that business goes back-and-forth within their own factories

Terrible range. A truck with a smaller battery pack than a LEAF. Even the bigger pack is close to half Tesla pack size.

Dodgy calculations. Dodgy pricing. 6% price hike for double range? Why even offer the lower bloody range version then!

Lots of terrible words like ‘expected’ or ‘expressed their interest’. No words that give any sense of finality.

Meh. Another false alarm.

“although this sounds too good to be true.” and if it sounds too good to be true . . .

I wish this site would do better vetting of claims. Do some actual journalism, perhaps?

Love This Site & All the Great & Latest Articles…Kudos to you all

A 1000 lb. payload? So even if this is all true, which seems rather improbable, these trucks can only haul as much as a typical pickup.

1,000 pounds? A typical pickup can haul 2,000 pounds or more. My 08 Gmc Sierra 1/2 ton short bed WT base model with the V6 would haul 2,000 pounds of wood pellets 3-4 times each winter for my pellet stove. Since 2012, my Leaf has towed the 2,000 pounds of pellets home 3-4 times a winter (on a trailer though). Ive even stuffed half a pallet in the Leaf’s trunk (1,000 lbs) when the trailer was loaned out to a friend. 1,000 pounds is not alot, it’s roughly only 4 average size american men. Even Nissan’s NV-200 minivan is rated to carry 1500lbs.

I just checked, even my 2015 Leaf S is rated to carry 950 pounds! This would be weight including the driver though. http://insideevs.com/2015-nissan-leaf-details-price-specs-options/

Or as Click and Clack, the tappet brothers would say, “That’s not even One Mother-in-Law”

“Expressing an interest” is good for the morale of ther business. Actually buying is good for the longevity of a business.

As far as the range being unrealistic, maybe not. A Leaf with a 24 kW pack is rated at 84 miles. The article says they claim a 26 kW pack is the small one and the small range number is 40 miles. Couple it with not being all that large and a minimal payload and it seems realistic to me for inner city type runs without running too much heat or AC.

Mark Kane, Inside EV’s, has written quite extensively on the EVFleet Condor Electric Truck.”



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This is very interesting.

As far as daily range, incremental fixed, route based EV Filling Stations, Destination Charging and Opportunity Charging can increase effective total daily range while loading or unloading by a factor of 3.


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