EV Connect Launches “EV Charging-as-a-Service” Program, Rates Start At $99 Per Month

OCT 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

GE WattStation

GE WattStation

EV Connect announced the first “EV Charging-as-a-Service” or “EV CaaS”, with a goal of cutting up-front costs and simplifying the process of purchasing and installing EV charging stations. Their business model transforms a capital expenditure to an operating expense.

In other words, instead of paying for charging station you will pay a flat monthly rate, starting from $99 per month.

“In collaboration with GE and SparkFund, the EV CaaS program starts at $99 per month per charge station port (not including installation), which includes GE’s full line of WattStationTM and DuraStationTM EV charging stations, and EV Connect’s base management software and service. The new EV CaaS service offers business owners and government entities a full-service resource to assist with financing, deployment and management of EV charging solutions. EV Connect has also launched an online resource for customers at www.EVCaaS.com”

“EV Connect is the first EV solution provider to offer a turn-key solution from procurement to installation to EV payment management and maintenance as an operating expense without up-front capital investment. The solution is powered by SparkFund financing and EV Connect’s management software. In addition to handling the procurement, installation and permitting, EV Connect will manage all aspects of the charging station ecosystem and service, including driver support, station management and usage.”

How it works:

  1. Procurement – Once approved, we buy charge stations based on your site’s specific needs.
  2. Installation – Our contractors will come out to install the charge stations, or you can use your own contractor.
  3. Driver Payments & Support – Accept for use of your stations, or provide them as free-of-charge amenity.
  4. Management & Maintenance – We will provide on-going care and management 24/7, you don’t need to worry about your charge station!

$99 for 3 years (or more) quickly turns into $3,564 ($1,188 annually), so one would need to calculate the offer for a given period with assumed revenues from users.

Jordan Ramer, EV Connect President said:

“The single biggest hesitation facility owners have when considering EV charging station installation is up-front cost. The EV CaaS program, in collaboration with SparkFund and GE, offers a pay-as-you go alternative to capital purchases and greatly simplifies the decision-making process.”

Pier LaFarge, SparkFund Co-founder and CEO commented:

“Welcome to a new world of financing for EV charging infrastructure. EV CaaS puts EV charging within reach of any facility by shifting financing from an upfront capital expenditures to a pay-over-time operating expense.”

Seth Cutler, Senior Product Manager, Growth Initiatives for GE’s Industrial Solutions business remarked:

“This new turn-key financing solution will further the effort to provide cost-effective solutions to enable EV charging networks to grow. The industry is increasingly looking for a simplified, cost-effective and efficient approach to building an EV charging infrastructure which includes ongoing service for this equipment.”

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$99/month, and it doesn’t cover the installation cost, or cost of electricity. The hardware starts at ~$500.

I don’t remember what other companies such as ChargePoint ‘charge’, but does this really sound like a good deal?

Just truly wondering what the benefits are.

Looks like all the comments here don’t realize the cost of commercial EVSE hardware.

$2-3k is in the ballpark to get a single commercial networked charging station. Chargepoint charges 2-3 times that amount – and you still have to pay network fees.

This deal really isn’t that bad.

EVgo offers the same thing for $29.95 a month

I’m 99% sure there are other costs with that deal that aren’t visible. They simply can’t make money at that price.

In case you don’t believe what Chargepoint costs:


They estimate $6k per station and $400-900/year in networking/billing costs.

$99/mo looks like a great deal, now.

This seems like a particularly good deal for those who are not good at math.


Nice. Maybe they can come up with a plan for hydrogen stations since people supporting that boondoggle seem to be poor at math.


I’m confused by this. What exactly are they providing?…just a level II charger for $99 per month?

I’m sure they will find a lot of businesses who can’t calculate. This is a terrible idea. I would never pay 99 a month for $500 chargers. My company wants to AVOID the onfoing costs.

I’m Not very Good at Math….But I know money math. You guys are rite..

$99/month (at 30 days per month) implies a cost of $3.30/day.

At best, one or two PEVs would be serviced per day.

This does not sound like a good business model. Imagine yourself working as a humble telesales person trying sell this to businesses. What business owner who does not want to commit to a $500 up-front cost will commit to paying $3564 on a fixed three year contract. The key risk faced by the business is whether a charger will draw in enough extra customers to make the cost worthwhile. With the up-front option, the business owner is $500 + installation out of pocket if a charger fails to draw in extra customers. With the three year contract, the business goes on paying for the length of the contract, three years or more, even if the charger brings in no extra customers. The second risk faced by a business is that the future is unknown. For example, who knows if in a year or two the town will install chargers in the street? Likewise, if 200 mile BEVs replace 80 mile versions, will customers still need destination charging at local businesses? There is also a fatal flaw in this business model, which we already find with many public chargers: the supplier of the charger does not lose revenue when the charger… Read more »

Wouldn’t it be a better deal to get a small loan to install a number of EVSE’s and then pay off that loan in 3 years? Of course then you don’t get the maintenance but is that worth it?

I could see this model maybe working for CHAdeMO / CCS stations at businesses.

I purchased Siemen’s 30 amp charger and had it professionally installed for $651.75 total. Somebody is being had.

This isn’t a bad deal for a commercial grade, network enabled, pay-to-use EVSE. These GE stations are about $2500 each. These are similar to Blink and ChargePoint units.

For a station operator/owner it ensures that they are dealing with one company for equipment, installation, permits, and support.

EVConnect also has skin in the game as they collect a small fee for every time the unit is used. So it is in their interest to keep the units operational, especially heavily used equipment.

This is by far, less money out of hand early on than what Blink and ChargePoint offer.

This is a great deal for a commercial charge station, software, and ongoing management.

Many of the posts are comparing this deal to a non-networked station, which doesn’t enable things like driver payments, shared use (i.e. more drivers get to use station), and ongoing monitoring/support.

this is NOT for private users.
it is for commercial charge stations that the leaser may charge the use for.

good deal.

This is worse than the deal eVgo gave me, and not a “new” business model.

I paid $90/mo on a 3 year contract (same as my LEAF lease).

They paid for the full install at my house. They also paid all the electricity used by my home charger. And I had free use of their entire network.

The deal was cheaper than Nissan’s offer at the time and gave me the use of the network.

The catch was they still owned the EVSE and would take it back at the end of the contract. After the contract, we negotiated my paying $200 to keep the charger, saving them the cost of coming to retrieve it.

I am sure the eVgo programs have changed since then though.

For a networked CP this is a good deal if you don’t want a lot of hassle.

Does anyone know about similar offers, apart from this one and the deal offered by eVgo?