EV Adoption Among Fleets Held Back by Lack of Knowledge and Perceived High Costs


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Nothing new here.

Fleets Seems to Understand the Benefits of Hybrids, But Can't Quite Comprehend the Added Benefits of Plug-Ins

Fleets Seem to Understand the Benefits of Hybrids, But Can’t Quite Comprehend the Added Benefits of Plug-Ins

As an owner of an electric vehicle, I can attest to the finding that education is a key problem. This has not only limited past growth, but will most likely continue to limit EV growth in the distant future. Not only in the private sector, but in fleets as well.

Here to save the day is AlphaElectric by Alphabet, which aims to not only educate, but to hand hold fleet operators as they look to add electric vehicles to their commercial mix.

The company has used the last year to hold consumer focus groups and special sessions to further understand the roadblocks ahead. The feedback from the Alphabet Fleet Management Report AFMR was clear; owners¬†are perplexed when it comes to the economics and technical abilities of electrics and hybrids and can’t quite see how they will benefit.

The studies biggest takeaway has to be that at least 52% of fleet managers perceive cost as the main barrier to reaching green targets in the future.

Kit Wisdom, the Mobility Solutions Manager at Alphabet, argues this:

¬†“For electric vehicles and other low carbon transport methods to achieve mainstream adoption, it is important for both the financial and suitability arguments to stack up. As such, it is important that fleet managers are able to get hold of all of the facts to make informed decisions about if and how electric vehicles will fit into their wider business mobility planning.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Example of a savings calculator:

Just for giggles, I put my usage into this calculator (as an end-user, not a corporate user) and got a negative savings amount for month, year, and lifetime. Ouch.

Good post.

Fleet managers tend to be conservative in all respects.

Emphasizes yet again, how idiotic was Better Place’s strategy to gamble on jumping into the mainstream market by winning massive fleet deals rather than individual consumers.

I don’t think it’s that idiotic.

Corporate fleets generally reimburse employees for gasoline use and maintenance, and fleet managers are smart enough to use a calculator unlike your general car buyer. The 2013 Leaf, for example, has monthly lease+fuel costs that are absolutely unbeatable after tax credit.

It really baffles me why they aren’t jumping on EVs more, especially in Europe where gas is so expensive. The only explanations I can think of are range and uncertainty.

As a former car salesman, I have observed that: it is far easier to convince one or two uninformed people to buy one car, than to convince one or two well informed professionals to authorize purchase of a hundred.

We need more informative articles with valid data to educate the professionals. Choose the right magazines to place the articles in. For example I was interviewed for a “Fleet Management” newsletter last Summer and hopefully the positive angle I presented will contribute to the purchase of more Electric fleets. Then, when they buy more electric vehicles for their fleets. The public will see the fleet vehicles and be encouraged to purchase the same models for their personal use…

The cost of ownership equation of an EV is so different from an ICE vehicle it is hard to grasp, basically everthing is paid for up front. Then you get tax credits, very low fuel costs and almost no maintenance. Since this happens in the future and is unfamiliar it is hard to quantify, so they are reluctant to pay the premium. There is little doubt that the life cycle cost is lower but we need long term data to convince these guys.

I am seeing total misinformation in all the popular media and manufacturers advertising.The salesmen are misinformed as well. They all need educated. Here I sit, capable to train these and create good advertising and promote EV with facts. but all the investors are not interested in EV, just in making $$$… Now I will create a “Non-Profit 501-c-3 ” if I need to. But, I need 1/2 to one million dollars (US). Sponsor me and your EV future will dramatically improve. Talk to me about it, see evti{dot}org and my contact link is there at the end The EVprofessor can help if you help me… Lets make EVs happen sooner instead of much later…