Tesla To Open Massive New Service Center In Norway This Summer

MAR 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

It can’t come soon enough.

Tesla service centers in Norway are clogged by cars. It’s the unfortunate outcome of the company’s success. Customers sometimes waits weeks or even months for service.

Luckily, there’s light at the end of this tunnel.

Europe’s largest Tesla service center (soon) (source: Bjørn Nyland)

Bjørn Nyland reports that the solution will be Europe’s largest service facility. It will be located in Oslo.

It seems that Tesla intends to adapt some old truck distribution center.

“Norway is getting Europe’s largest Tesla service center soon. It will be located in Karihaugen in Oslo. If everything goes as planned, it will be open this summer.”

Tesla service centers have been packed for a long time now. Model 3 deliveries haven’t even started in Norway. As Model 3 sales are expected to be several times higher than the Model S and Model X, Tesla will need even more support infrastructure.

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Is this the future, where there is a monopoly on service for your car, held by the manufacturer? Auto dealers’ arguments suddenly make a lot more sense. I don’t want to buy a car only to realize I’m trapped by my service options. Changing cars is expensive.

You Are 100% Spot On!! I think Tesla Has a lot Of Dictatorship going on here , ie: For One, They Won’t sell you Parts & that should be against the Law!…Their are lots Of other hidden Proprietary Secrets going on as well ,,that is why Tesla makes me Skeptical….Too Much Hidden Lawyer Mumbo Jumbo….

LMFAO over and over again!

7 Lies/Pretend Electrics once again outs himself as the liar he is:

” I don’t want to buy a car only to realize I’m trapped by my service options.”

And then he expects us to believe that he has bought 2 TESLAs after stating that he “don’t; want to”!

7 Lies is nothing more then an anti-Tesla/EV troll.

You may be an outliar. Actual Tesla customers are surveyed and their satisfaction is reflected in the results.

“You may be an outliar.”

Or even an out-and-out liar. 😉

Or at a minimum never owned a VW. Let me introduce you to the special wrench that only VW dealers can get says the maintenance guy. It’s a concern, but not any more than any other modern vehicle.

Special tools are usually dirt cheap on Ebay. I have bought for a Peugeot, and a VW. With repair costs being high in Norway, I can buy a lot of tools, and fix nydelig. Will still be much cheaper. Just days ago, I bought diagnostic tools as well. Engineers of all products should be awarded prices for good design, easy to repair and maintain- and be punished for the bad stuff. I would have loved to see the engineer that changes glow plug nr 4, and at least 5 ( from the left) on the diesel engine without a turbo on the T4 Caravelle from VW, without the use of a lift, or special tools. I changes mine outside, in winter, -17… They had placed diesel tubes/pipes from the high presser pump, right in the way, over a part of the engine that need to be changed from time to time. I was so cold, and pusses- that I went to the universitys CAD/CAM department. Downloaded CAD files of the tool, and used a CNC machine to mill out the tool. Did not have time to wait 2-3 weeks for an Ebay packet to arrive. After that periode, I tend… Read more »

. . And fix myself..

3/4/5/6/7 Pretend Electrics said:

“I don’t want to buy a car only to realize I’m trapped by my service options.”

Then presumably you don’t want to buy any car made more recently than 1968, which is when auto makers started putting computer chips into their cars.

Oh, and what happened to your claim that you have bought both a Model X and a Model 3? It gets complicated keeping all your lies straight, doesn’t it?
😆 😆 😆

With all that service those cars need they better open 10 more Service Centers

Hah, James you’re SOO wrong. My TMS has odoish 220 000 km. Three times at service. Best car EVER …

Tesla Should Open a Dealership in London Ontario Canada …They Have 3 in the Toronto Area & Zer0 in London and Zer0 in Windsor Ontario Canada…London is the half way Point between Windsor & Toronto which is Aprox. 250 miles away from Windsor.

Why do they need such a big service center if EVs need so “few services” as everyone has claimed?

Maybe Tesla would save some money by getting the car reliability right so they don’t need nearly as much services.

Excellent Point !

I think this may be a reason why Tesla delayed opening this service center. They expected fewer problems and now are realizing that with the Model 3 coming out they need to face reality.

There are long waiting times for maintenance/service/bodywork. Talking many weeks in some cases.
That service center should have been up and running last year.

They need to change the way they try to requite new workers. Takes too long.

*Any* car needs service!

With a rapidly growing number of sold cars out there, the need for service centers rise accordingly!
– this is a non-issue that says nada about Tesla quality!

People still crash cars, AND stuff stop to work, gets damaged and so on. Quality issues that need to be handled.

my petrol car needs servicing next week (under a VW plan ~ only @ a VW garage) – brakes, suspension, AC – you think electric cars dont have these? – also your local independent garage knows nothing about how to fix high voltage battery/eletrics – Tesla needs service centres becuase at them moment- there isnt anybody else- there is no infrastucture, so they have to make that too..

None of them should be serviced in relatively young vehicles.

Also, brakes/suspension/AC are independent of whether they are electric or not.

Yes, EVs have those as well and do need services eventually. So, are you saying that EVs have almost as much “service needs” as typical ICE (just saving the engine related services)?

Well, I have had my Nissan Leaf at service every 30.000 km (18.650 miles).
– AC Cabin filter replacements
– Brake pad controls (and my first brake pad replacement at 120.000 kms/75.000 miles)
– Suspension/steering control and adjustments
– SW updates (not on Tesla’s service list 🙂

And in a couple of years I will have to start replacing suspension and wheel support arms etc,
– but luckily no motor oil replacement, spark plug replacements, oil filter replacements, exhaust catalysitor replacement, exhaust pipe replacements and no frequent brake pad + brake disk replacements…..

“So, are you saying that EVs have almost as much ‘service needs’ as typical ICE (just saving the engine related services)?”

Since when have you become an outright EV basher, dude?

Estimates vary, but one estimate is that plug-in EVs need only 40% of the service of a comparable vehicle. Note a “comparable vehicle” to a Tesla car isn’t a Chevy or a Ford or a Toyota. It’s more like a Mercedes or a BMW or an Audi. More expensive cars, with more gadgets and more complex builds, need more service than simpler cars.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Tesla service centers in Norway are clogged by cars. ”

Well, so much for those that keep spouting “less maintenance on an EV”…….LMAO

It won’t sway me from my TM3 purchase though. I never believed that.

Nothing written in this article point towards either less or more service on EV’s, it simply states that Tesla needs more service capacity!

“Well, so much for those that keep spouting ‘less maintenance on an EV’…….LMAO”

Well, so much for you being able to tell the difference between “less” and “none”!


I would take any problem more serious than normal maintenance to the manufacturer’s dealership. Modern cars are too complicated and require a lot of specialized tools that only people trained for these cars can repair correctly.

Precisely ! They Put a Noose Around your neck & Haul you in for un-needed over priced service Items & Work.+ taxes. ie: Check Engine Light they charge $149.00 Per hour to scan your car , Meanwhile you can buy a Good scanner for half that Price and scan your car yourself a Million times for Zer0 $$$ dollars. I Know They Gotta make a Living ., But they Should earn it Legitimately .

How about making cars that don’t fall apart?

My, the Tesla Hater cultists are out in force today! Is the price of Tesla stock up again, recently? Oh, it’s up by more than $14.50 over the last four days?

Well, that explains it! Short-sellers feeling a pinch in their shorts again.

Go Tesla!

“My, the Tesla Hater cultists are out in force today!”

WE can always count on you, aka Tesla cult moron who doesn’t even drive an EV out here calling people names like a 5 year old…

As I said before, I can lower myself to your level of stupidity any day. If you can’t stick to the arguement without name calling, then don’t comment. Learn to do that or leave that.

So now when someone say “Tesla Hater” you jump up and raise your hand?

How about you make some FUD that doesn’t fall apart you troll who doesn’t drive an PEV!

My Model S has visited the service like 20 times to fix this and that. My equally old gas car has visited the service 4 times for routine checks.

…but you are an S lover anyway…cute.