Europe’s Fastest Growing Automotive Segment? Electric Cars…Of Course

OCT 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

According to Automotive News Europe and data from JATO Dynamics, electric car sales grew faster than any other segment in the first half of 2014 in Europe.

+91% is a swell number and only the small SUV & Crossover segment grew close to that much (+89%).

Among 23,826 electric cars sold in the first half of 2014 in Europe, the most common in the first six months of the year were Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE:

“Electric cars remained Europe’s fastest-growing segment overall, up by 91 percent to 23,826 units. Leading the surge were the Tesla Model S and BMW i3. Demand for last year’s first-half sales lead in the electric niche, the Renault Zoe, declined by almost a quarter dropping the subcompact into fourth place. The Zoe was replaced at the top by the Leaf from Renault’s alliance partner Nissan. Leaf sales in the half rose 56 percent to 7,127 units.”

Electric segment growing strong in Europe

Electric segment growing strong in Europe

Automotive News Europe

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As Exxon and Total don’t seem to have a “Plan B”, the only way to get them to a Plan B, is to Drive Them Out Of Business.

EV’s, and De-Carbon your Stock Investments, until they start spending 51% of profits on Green Energy.

Not so sure about that.

I suspect Plan “B” is, wait for it, HYDROGEN.
As in: They make it. We buy it. Life is, once again, a bed of roses.

The Coal industry is going bankrupt, now is the time to take your money off the table. Don’t ride Coal Down to ZERO.

Not in Germany. Thanks to the Fukushima disaster, the coal industry is booming in Germany. “Germany still gets almost half of its electricity from coal. The accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 sparked a shift away from nuclear power in Germany, and much of the slack has been taken up by coal.”

Look at the pretty pictures in the first link below:

By the car names, seems like their EV segment is only BEVs.

Which means that the ‘small SUV/crossover’ segment that has increased so fast, includes the Outlander PHEV which surely contributed quite a bit to that increase – being the top-selling plug-in in Europe during the first half of the year (>9k units,

It feels like just the other day when my sone had his second birthday. Yes, indeed, his age instantly went up by 100%!!!
It was the fastest growing age of anybody we know.

People who do not understand math sometimes get excited by the % calculations when something starts from a low base …


FWIW I have a Ph.D. in statistics and I’m quite excited by this news.

Europe which was originally designated by many as the top global EV target market, has stagnated EV-wise for several years due to the Euro recession and other factors.

Now it seems, there’s both production capacity on the ground, a variety of European and imported models on offer in large numbers, a healthy infrastructure, more incentives, and a rapidly-awakening demand across more and more countries.

So yeah, lots of reasons for excitement in my books.

Besides, your tongue-in-cheek example is a classic FAIL. Kids indeed progress hugely from age 1 to 2. They totally transform from someone barely trying to walk and hardly willing/able to communicate with anyone except parents and caregivers – to a running, chattering, curious, breaking-things-at-random joy.

And before you know it, they are as tall as you.

Likewise with EVs, except that another 100%-increase year will skip them from age 2 to 4 in a single year 🙂


Glad to hear about your PhD in Statistics. We need all the smart folks on this forum we can get.

Before you call something a “classic FAIL”, please try to understand the issue.

If you followed the news, you may have learned about the second Ebola case in the USA recently. So that disease grew 100%. Wow!!! it must be the fastest growing disease in the USA.

Yet Ebola is nowhere close to getting on the list of the biggest health threats to the US population.

As much as we all like EVs, we should not get ahead of ourselves with boastful statements in markets where EV sales are still less than 1%.

We just had an article from Eagle Aid here on Inside EVs a couple days ago, saying battery electric cars are on the decline in the EU because July and August sales were slow.

But, now we have JATO Dynamics coming out and saying pure battery electric sales have increased +91 per cent since the first of the year. (through June)

Sales of pure BEV are indeed up 91 percent according to Jato, through June 2014, but it’s also true that July and August were slow months and sales just held their own.

Eagle Aid, of course, pounced all over the slight dip in July and August sales implying that BEV sales were basically in the toilet in Europe, while ignoring the 91 per cent over-all gain for the first 6 months of the year.

These are typical tactics from Eagle Aid as they love to “cherry pick” the statistics.

Anyway, it has all turned to good news since sales rebounded in September in Europe in a big way.

Combined EU sales for all plug-ins (BEV and hybrid plug-ins included) stands right at about 10,000 which is just about dead even with the U.S. for total plug-ins sold in September.

Eagle Aid doesn’t know the most popular vacation month in Europe.

Oh, they know it, but they’re on a mission.