European Tesla Model S Road Trip – 8 Countries, 3,700 Miles – Teaser Video


Bjørn Nyland is at it again with another Tesla Model S road strip. But this time, he is traveling across Europe.

"Europe road trip in 2014 through 8 countries with a total distance of 5900 km/3700 mi."

“Europe road trip in 2014 through 8 countries with a total distance of 5900 km/3700 mi.”

Like before, Bjørn uploaded a teaser video of the multiple events which is sure to raise some questions, as this video did for us.

What we do know is that the road trip involves 3,700 miles with his Tesla Model S P85, traveling through 8 countries.

Like we have stated before, Bjørn’s videos come with his typical fun humor, as well being very long and informative.

Who needs gas for a road trip? Bjørn clearly does not.

Look for us to present the full video from this road trip when it becomes available.

Previously: Bjørn’s venture from Oslo to North Cape in a Tesla Model S.

Look at all those wind turbines and the sunset.

Look at all those wind turbines and the sunset.

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Somehow I think this trip will work out in that he has a Tesla Model S P85 which has a range of 265 miles and supercharger access. And next year Tesla will start offering 400 mile range EV’s so soon range worries will be a thing of the past.

What would make a more interesting story is if say someone bought a Mitsubishi i-miev and had to drive it 300 to 500 miles to move it though the EV Wastelands to get it home. And on top of that the dude has never owned or driven a electric car before. Then it would be more interesting.

these are weird, quirky videos that are far from convincing to the non-EV enthusiast to motivate him to want to buy a BEV.

I’ve showed/recommended his videos to a lot of non-EV enthusiast. A lot of them still thought that a BEV was still only for city use and that 200 km was an impossible limit.

I’ve told them plenty of times about the Tesla and how it works, yet they have been very skeptical.

After seeing the videos they started to realise that I was actually right about the Tesla working as a long distance car too.
Especially the one where he went to northern Norway showing that it’s possible even though the infrastructure of super chargers and fast chargers are not there yet.
Especially the parts about the real world problems.

The videos have turned quite a few from “never ever” attitude to “i might get one of those one day”.

This is guy is sort of an ev explorer. More of an electronaut, the appellation Bmw applied to it’s i3 early adopters. He has made a number of quirky videos. They are more of a diary of his time with the vehicle. His story could be called: Chronicles of a Teslanaut.

Or more satirically: Diary of a Mad Teslanaut.
In the sense that he is mad about Tesla, which clearly would have a greater impact on a person that was interested in purchasing such a vehicle. Though clearly not polished in their production, the fervor and dedication with which he pursues his passion would carry more weight, at least with me, than some slickly produced corporate commercial, that did not true.

“No, not a freaking Schuko! I need a type 2!”

Everyone who advocates for 120V outlets should listen to this wise man, esp. considering that the power from Schuko outlets (~230V, 16A) is considered L2 in the US.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

OK, waiting for the video. The ‘Autobahn’ part called my attention 😉

truly enjoy his ‘real world’ ‘electronaut’ Teslanaut’ vids, anticipating, me (complete with new wife who is [likely] to be less Tesla Mad).