European Plug-In Electric Car Market Expanded By 36% In January

MAR 1 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

The European plug-in electric car market is booming with some 25,808 sales reported in January at growth of 36% year-over-year, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – January 2018 (source: EV Sales Blog)

The situation is actually better than the numbers suggest. There are production (batteries) constraints popping up all over the place in model rank and that has customers waiting months for some new models.

Here is the list:

  • Volkswagen e-Golf1,985 (production increased and sales are high in several countries, not only in Norway)
  • Renault ZOE1,871 (deliveries decreased, as apparently there are production constraints as well as the expected decrease from the announcement of an updated version)
  • BMW i3 – 1,867 (sales are strong and 75% were BEVs)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 1,165 (relatively strong, considering a new version is coming)
  • smart fortwo ED – 1,143 (the new smart is apparently battery constrained with a 9-month lead times)

There’s other positive news like the increase of Hyundai IONIQ sales to 1,017.

Nissan LEAF, with 548 in January, will join as the engine of growth in February.

Porsche Panamera PHEV (678) is apparently battery constrained.

Even the Opel Ampera-e hit its all-time high of 335.

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Comparison of plug-in car sales in Europe and U.S.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – January 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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So is this due to more models being available, more consumer acceptance, new or soon-expiring incentives, something else, or a combo of the above?

I hope it is consumer acceptance. Europe always seemed like a good EV market due to their high gasoline taxes. However, the lower percentage of single family homes probably makes it harder for them to install home-base chargers.

Most of the models are production constrained. The demand is there, the consumer acceptance too.

Surveys going out shows that a large majority is expecting that their next vehicle will be a plug-in.

Production, lack of models, price and range are the limiting factors and in that order.

So the poor increase is because of that, expect the increases to rise if/when bottle necks disappear.

“However, the lower percentage of single family homes probably makes it harder for them to install home-base chargers”

True but that doesn’t matter as a factor yet since with an overall penetration of sub 2% for EVs there are plenty of drivers who have homes that have ability to charge to sell to.

Battery constraints are temporary given LG, Samsung and others european factories come on line this year.

No, they are not temporary. The market is growing faster than those factories coming online.

The battery constraint is likely to be there for years to come.


The FUDSTERS famed VaporWare care is the number one selling plugin in the EU!!!

And last year the car that does not exist made up over 1% of VWs US sales!!!

where is Tesla??

Didn’t make it on the TOP20

Still in ‘production hell’… and FAR too pricey. Tesla does not make a compact EV that is so popular in Europe. It also has its hands full supplying USA.

Hey, there it is, oh, no, wait, no it isn’t, my bad, sorry, still no model 3 in sight. The vapourware wins again. Although, technically, which one is the “real” vapourware? Ah, philos sophia

I can’t help but notice that Ricardo who just showed up here on InsideEvs is our newest serial anti-Tesla troll and starting to carpet bomb his FUD on the threads.

Perhaps he doesn’t understand that Tesla is a serious disrupter of what had been non-innovative laggard, legacy OEMs wedded to the entirely unsustainable ICE mode of transportation.

Tesla chose to enter (and really create) the market of compelling PEVs at the high end and work down from there to pressure those OEMs into competing in these segments.

The effect of their actions has been nothing short of astounding and provides a literal “breath of fresh air” to all of us and the future will thank them.

I wonder who Ricardo works for that spurs his intense hatred of Tesla?

BTW troll, everyday I see new Model 3s rolling the streets here in California so its only a matter of time until you do too.