European EV Market Moving Towards Full-Scale Commercialization

DEC 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Europe close to full-scale commercialization

According to the European Joint Research Center (JRC), plug-in electric car market in Europe is gaining momentum, but it’s still far from being characterized as full-scale commercialization. Sales increased from some 1,400 in 2010 to almost 300,000 in 2017.

Market share increased within eight years from zero to over 1.8% and this year it moves up towards 3%.

“The electric vehicle market in Europe is gaining momentum. While electric vehicles were still a niche in 2010, most of the car brands nowadays offer EV models. European consumers now have the choice of a wide range of EV models that cover all car segments. Support policies remain important to help the transition to a low emission mobility future.”

What is needed and when will we see a breakthrough in Europe to consider plug-ins as truly mainstream? We hope that we are just several more years away from big changes.

Evolution of M1 category registrations of BEV and PHEV in Europe between 2010 and 2017

Market share of M1 EV in Europe between 2010 and 2017

Very interesting is the ranking of the best-selling all-electric models in the past eight years:

Source: Electric vehicles in Europe from 2010 to 2017: is full-scale commercialisation beginning? via Green Car Congress

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Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s almost as if increases in range help increase sales.

What Europe are we taking about here? Euro-zone? Continent? EU? Do these numbers include Norway?

The study covers the EU+EFTA

Looks like source material says EFTA

“wide range of EV models that cover all car segments” NOT I need an affordable mini van that can tow 1800kg. Nothing available. Used Model X are still way too expensive. Our used Model S was a stretch and is actually too small inside and also can’t tow. We have to keep our Citroen C8. Pacifica is not available and can’t tow.

Yeah, really, that’s one of blanket statements that ends up leaving you with cold feet, since it doesn’t cover everything.

Model S to small inside? What do you take with you? With 1 baby and a toddler going on a vacation of a week we could fit everything in the car we needed. Stroller, bags, bags, toys, bags, small foldable bed for one of the children and my own duffel bag. And some basic food(pasta, rice, drinks) because we had a house in the ardennes.

3 Kids 7, 9 and 11 and a dog. Family tent and everything else we had to take for camping. Even with the large frunk, yes too small. Would have needed a roof box that we just don’t have, yet. Also the kids complain that the boosters that we have that fit 3 in a row, are not as comfortable as the ones we can fit in the mini van. When the trip is 4h one way… You just don’t want unhappy kids. So yes, saving up for a Model X, lol. The used ones will come down in price in 2-4 years.
Anyway back on topic: There is no affordable electric mini van that can tow 1800kg available in Europe. So no, there is not an EV available in every segment.

Our kids 8,9 & 11 with a big lurcher all fit in the LEAF just, with 1 1/2 hr trips to our static caravan in Morecambe. Think we would struggle with a tent but we may try it one day.

Thank you for plotting BEVs and PHEVs separately.

Dream on, full scale commercialization happens at 5% or impending profitability