European Electric Car Market Share – Top 5 Automakers


Recently, Nissan released a set of sales figures (see below) for pure electric cars sold in 2014 in Europe.

Those figures were put to use in the market share graphic (above) presented by Green Car Congress.

From the graphic, it’s immediately apparent that Renault-Nissan dominates electric car sales in Europe.  However, that domination is even more than the graphic depicts.

As you’ll see in the Top 5 ranking below, neither the Renault Twizy nor the Renault Kangoo Z.E. (even of Fluence Z.E.) made the list, yet the graphic above presents Renault at 20%, a figure that includes only ZOE.  Renault’s actual market share figure is slightly higher when the whole Z.E. lineup (including Twizy) gets factored in.

Likewise for Nissan, the low-volume e-NV200 isn’t included in the graphic above, so the 26% represents only LEAF.

It’s safe to say that Renault-Nissan controlled ~50% of the electric car market in Europe in 2014, meaning that all of the world’s other automakers combined could only match what Renault-Nissan accomplished.

Figure Reports By Nissan

Figure Reports By Nissan

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For coming out in the middle of the year, I think BMW and VW did really well. I think its going to be a whole lot closer in 2015 with the four major brands and Telsa.

It it amazing how good the LEAF is as an all around family car. Good seat room, trunk space, driver tech and available amenities. Hopefully they come out with a game changing EV with the next version.

It is very nice but we badly need a longer range version.

Nissan Leaf does not have even AWD although electric AWD would be cheaper than electric FWD. But this is of course as Leaf is made into ICE car chassis, so it is quite safe to say that Nissan did not even try to make a good and compelling electric car. Electric cars could be so much better.

When I drove the Golf, it just didnt seem like it offered much improvement over the current LEAF at all for a new model. But yes, I think many are interested trying a new EV just for the sake of change, as the LEAF is pretty commonplace.

It would be interesting doing the same calculation, but using average selling price. Ie, what is the market share in terms of vehicle monetary sales.

I think that even better metrics would be the amount of energy storage capacity delivered.

Sure… just like the total volume of gas tanks would be a good metric for the ICE manufacturers.

ZOE ist catching up. VW disappoints. Especially e-Golf. VW wanted to sell more than 5000 ..

Nissan and Renault are effectively one holding company, therefore their marketshare is effectively close to 50%!

Not the same picture if you look at the whole market (including Vans)…
Add Kangoo, some Fluence and Twizy for Renault, and you have more sales than Leaf+eNV200.