European All-Electric Car Sales Peaked At 27,000 In Q4 2015

FEB 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

All-electric car sales in Western Europe in 2015 (source: EagleAID)

All-electric car sales in Western Europe in 2015 (source: EagleAID)

With some 11,000 all-electric car sales (and about ~33,000 sales when including plug-in hybrids), December 2015 was a record month in Western Europe.

Renault ZOE and Tesla Model S both exceeded 3,000 sales.

According to the EagleAID, the last quarter of 2015 was so far the best for Western Europe with around 27,000 BEV sales.

“For the electric car industry, doing business in Europe is still no stroll in the park. And yet, of late some encouraging signs have been spotted, adding a positive note to this now closely watched niche in West Europe’s otherwise upbeat looking new car market.”

“Never before in history have so many electric cars been registered in Western Europe in one month.”

“Moreover, apart from setting a new all-time record in December, with registrations scaling the 11,000 threshold for the first time, that follows three successive good months when regional electric car registrations topped the comparatively high 8,000 level for three months running.”

The other insight is that plug-in hybrids recently noted higher sales than all-electric in Europe. 2016 could be the tipping point.

Source: EagleAID

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We will cover it 🙂

Even with prices of oil as low as they are, the price at the pump is $4/gallon (or $6/gallon in Netherlands).

It seems that US has turned back to gas guzzlers, not an option in Europe.

IF You look closely, You will see that Europeans DID buy electric ‘gas guzzlers’.

What, You say?

Of course people DID NOT made the choice between gas vs electric.
Only between sedan/hatchback and SUV/CUV!

When You look this way at data…

Suddenly lack of electric SUVs is to blame for USA slump in sales. While European.S just bought electric SUVs.

That is just that. People in USA bought body styles where electrics where simply not present.

Will this change now, You say? A little bit. Due to X, and some PHEVs.

Despite gas prices, You say???
It was never about gas price. People simply mixed correlation with causation. 😉

There are no pure electric SUVs on sale, in Europe. What you are talking about, is plug in hybrid SUVs and yes, the Mitsubishi Outlander performed very good, but it wasn’t part of the statistic. The most sold pure EV was the Renault Zoe, which is quite the opposite of an “electric gas guzzler”.


Completely agree… People reason a lot when they try to justify the “decision ” for one specific car model, usually they use financial arguments (which often are just completely false) just to convince their better part. It is far easier to say “we will save xyz $” than to say “I really don’t know why, but I want this special car… “