Europe Plug-In Sales Strengthen In August: 22,000 sold

OCT 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

August is typically a difficult environment for plug-in vehicle sales in Europe, so we weren’t anticipated large gains to be made during the month.  We thought wrong.

EV sales grew by roughly 68% to more than 22,300 registrations, good for a market share of 1.7%

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

After eight months of the year, sales have now crossed the 180,000 mark, and have surely crossed the 200,000 level in ‘real time’.

While the best selling electric cars is still Renault ZOE, which ran away with the title months ago, the second best in August was the updated Volkswagen e-Golf, which moved an impressive 1,694 copies and is now storming the “top 10” sellers list for the region.

Top plug-in best sellers for 2017 YTD:

  • #1 Renault ZOE 2,152 (21,632 YTD)
  • #2 Nissan LEAF993 (13,456 YTD)
  • #3 BMW i3 1,149 (12,809 YTD)
  • #4 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 1,204 (11,882 YTD)
  • #5 VW Passat GTE 1,352 (8,243 YTD)
  • #6 Mercedes GLC – 1,002 (8,053 YTD)
  • #7 Tesla Model S 766 (8,051 YTD)
  • #8 BMW 225xe Active Tourer – 692 (6,661 YTD)
  • #9 Tesla Model X577 (6,636 YTD)
  • #10 BMW 330e592 (6,556 YTD)
  • #11 VW e-Golf – 1,694 (5,874 YTD)

Compared to the U.S., sales in Europe are around 34% higher, and have also been gaining at a higher rate of late.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – August 2017

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It would be nice to see a straight line (best fit) plotted for each of the graphical lines above…

I believe excel has this capability when one enables the regression toolbox or something like that. I usually use Matlab or Mathematica or Python.

But thanks for posting this data – interesting.


Wow. Even Apple “Numbers” can do one.


This is called a rolling or moving average.

The distortion is caused by the obsession with the Tesla quarterly sales numbers by a public that does not understand the ‘build to order’ sales process.

To alleviate this concern Tesla is in the habit to allocate the earliest production of the quarter to the customers furthest away, creating a delivery peak just before the close of the quarter.


Usually build to order doesn’t have spikes like Tesla’s sales do. The fact that they are so small and only have one single factory for the whole world is the main reason for the weird graph.


Nice to see the i3 get the sales it deserves.
Too bad about the US, and Fake Fox News.
The Repub states are a drag on innovation, and that’s another reason they fail at government.
Like backing Loser coal.
And not rescinding the 23 special tax advantages natural gas gets to make it cheaper than coal.

The Repub southern states could be in an economic BOOM with Solar, Wind and enhanced grid support, if they weren’t controlled by oil.

But, ok, California and New York will take the jobs.


… and China and India will build global solar and wind empires.


Bannon talks a good game about Repub goals, but, allowing policy to be dictated by lobbyists isn’t going to get you there.


Even in california, there is no one having a solar circuit dedicated to charge an ev. They are out during the day and charge at night when there is no sun. Not good pr for convincing others to join the game and buying an ev. I will never buy an ev if i can’t charge it completely with solar.


That has to be one of the stupidest reasons not to get an EV. Solar production during the day offsets other fuel types. Since we’re not at 100% renewable production during the day, using solar to charge an EV just means more natural gas output somewhere else *during the day*. The net effect is no different than if you charged at night. Furthermore, by the time we have too much renewable power during the day, we’ll have battery storage in place to also use some of it at night.


Get solar panels with battery back-up. Now you can drive on 100% solar.

john gilkison

Nonsense, I live in New Mexico and we charge during the day using our PV Array to charge our electric car. Anyone with a home battery will be able to charge day or night and it will make no difference.