Europe Now Home To Over 35,000 Charging Stations

AUG 8 2014 BY STAFF 3

Across the continent of Europe, there are now over 35,000 charging stations, according to an announcement made by Renault.

Unfortunately, Renault provides no details to support this number, nor does the automaker break down where these charging stations are located.

But at least we have some form of confirmation of how many charging stations exist in Europe.  35,000 it is.

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This sounds as a reasonable amount of charging stations for Europe.
We have 700 million people, and in Norway only (5 million people) we have 1450 charging stations, totalling 5.350 charging points.

But, it would be nice to know how many DC quick chargers there are, because I guess most of these 35.000 charging stations only have 2-11 kW charging points, with the majority only having 2-3.6kW charging points.

Renault Zoe can use up to 43 kW AC

as most stations are probably Mennekes and capable of supplying 22kW to the Zoe, even if other cars might be limited to 3-6kW.

22kW AC and 24kW DC are similar in speed, but one is much much cheaper and more common than the other.