Europe Notes 54% Growth Of Plug-in Car Sales In June, ZOE Sells 4K

JUL 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – June 2017 (data via EV Sales Blog)

It’s getting better and better in Europe for plug-in vehicles, as some 54% growth was noted in June, with total sales for the month reaching more than 28,000.

The Eco Tour di Sicilia and Renault ZOE

The half year numbers have also crested 133,000 (which is up 30% year-over-year), and encourages us that the 250,000 mark will be easy to achieve in 2017 given the traditional year-end weighting of EV sales.

Overall plug-in market share stands at 1.5%.

Specific to the EVs themselves, the Renault ZOE shines in June, exceeding 4,000 sales – more than double the second best result from the BMW i3!

Models within Top 5 in June or Top 5 YTD:

  • Renault ZOE #1 – 4,189 (#1 17,146 YTD)
  • BMW i3 #2 – 1,634 (#3 10,260 YTD)
  • Nissan LEAF #3 – 1,590 (#2 11,007 YTD)
  • Tesla Model X #4 – 1,552 (#8 5,613 YTD)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV #5 – 1,435 (#4 9,294 YTD)
  • Tesla Model S #6 – 1,373 (#5 6,580 YTD)

Here is comparison of U.S. and Europe results:

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – June 2017

Source: EV Sales Blog

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7 Comments on "Europe Notes 54% Growth Of Plug-in Car Sales In June, ZOE Sells 4K"

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Fascinating. Although overall numbers in Europe are higher than U.S. the two graphs show peaks and valleys at the same time

These spikes look like the end of quarter/end of year sales rushes.

Zoe with 40kWh battery has become an obvious sales leader.

It will be interesting to see how the Tesla Model 3 will impact these charts later this year and next year. If Tesla can meet its production goals it might help the US catch up with Europe.

The model 3 costs more than twice as much as the Zoe. They won’t compete in the same segment.

I was hoping a 25% growth.
The Renault Zoé is doing great this year, but I hope Nissan will do better next year with the Leaf II.

54% growth! Go, Europe, GO! That is impressive.

Looks like the ZOE battery size increase really helped jumpstart the EV market. Jumpstart? Ha! Why am I using ICE phrases?