Europe Largest Supercharging Station Now Open In Norway – 34 (Soon To Be 42) Stalls

JAN 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

In December Tesla launched Europe’s largest Supercharging station that far exceeds the size of all of the other stations in this part of the world.

Rygge Supercharger in Norway – 34 (42) stalls (source: Bjørn Nyland)

The station, located in Rygge, Norway, got 34 stalls at the ready with eight more under construction for a grand total of 42 stalls soon.

Europe’s second largest Tesla Supercharging station is in Norway too, but that site has only 20 stalls and it’s located in Nabbenes.

Charging power stands at up to 120 kW (but the temperature of the battery needs to be high enough to support that load and it’s only available when a single car uses one of the A/B stalls).

Outside of the two sites listed above, there are only five larger Superchargers stations in the world – three 40-stall units in the U.S. and two 50-stall units in China.

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And yeah, I counted nine out of the forty installed chargers being used. At $30,000 per charger that’s almost a million dollars sitting idle. Either Tesla is planning for a large number of chargers being out of service or they are just pumping up the numbers to look good on paper.

There are no cars at my local gas stations most of the time…

True enough but but gas stations that are in a negative cash flow like Tesla go out of business.

Never enough, it’s cheaper to build now than return to add more charging stations when needed. More the merrier.

Yes, don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry about all that debt you’re building up. Just keep your head in the sand and you won’t have to see that credit train when it hits you.

Most of the cost is related to high voltage transformers and power electronics related to the common infrastructure for the whole site.

That being the basis, it is just reasonable to spend ‘pennies’ to max out number of stalls possible on the underlying infrastructure.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

How many fuel cell cars have you seen filling up?

The Hydrogen stations cost in excess of a million $$$.

I have seen maybe 2 (the same cars/license plates) at stations here it’s idle 95% of the day.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Probably closer to 99% idle per day…

So if people buy electric vehicles, then always there is the troll arguing that there is nowhere to charge them. Now, there are more charging stations than currently required at this one site. And this is a bad thing too?
I just guess that building the infrasturcture now has something to do with a 5 figure reservation list for Model 3 in Norway. To be served once European deliveries start. I would not be surprised if Tesla, in order to max out US tax credits for customers, sends a boatload or to over to Norway already in 2018

@Some Guy, Not enough charging stations are bad, too many charging stations are bad too.

To haters anything associates with Tesla is bad.

Could you explain the reasoning behind that statement?
– wouldn’t maxing out US tax credits just mean that no cars are exported until the tax credits are finished?

…or maybe you mean that batches might be exported so that a ‘tax credit’ threshold isnt’t reached till the next quarter?

Yes, export cars to not hit the 200 k mark of US sales in the second or third month of a quarter, but preferably in the first week of a quarter. The tax credit is 100% for the quarter the 200 k sales mark is hit and the one quarter afterwards. Then it is 6 months at 50% and 6 months at 25%. So exact timing can result in up to 11 weeks of extra full credit time, to max it out for Model 3. I bet that law makers did not account for a steep production ramp when they put the law into effect.

Tesla is trying to expand the number of stalls due to Model 3 production.
They want to build something like 500,000 cars in 2018. The existing Superchargers are getting crowded right now, if they add 500,000 cars to the mix without expanding the Supercharger network, the waiting lines will be huge.
Thats why they are rapidly adding stalls.
And 500,000 Model 3 is just a start, Roadster mkII begins production in 2019/2020, Model Y unveil is looming, Pickup development is probably already underway, people are still nuying Model S/X and supposedly Tesla has been talking with a European automaker about letting some if their electric cars use the Supercharger network.

It’s location is along the main road from Norway to Sweden.
Give it a few weeks, and people will use it more. Don’t forget all the TM3s coming soon too.

So now they (TMS and TMX drivers) can charge their tax free car for free, and drive to Sweden for free, and buy cheap booze (free from Norwegian tax on alcohol). . so yeah.. I can see this place being crammed with cars pretty soon 🙂

Tesla has an advantage right now because it has a unique product but within five years there’s going to be serious competition and the Tesla uniqueness is going to be gone. Where are Studebaker, Packard and Rambler now? Many companies rise to stardom then collapse.

Tesla right now is held together by the personality of Elon Musk. How long until Mr. Musk gets tired of day to day grind of running a car manufacturing company and wants out? How long until Mr. Musk finds something more interesting and abandones Tesla?

We all know that Mr. Musk is going to one day leave Tesla. What will be the Tesla legacy? Will the people that run Tesla in future be as willing run Tesla with a negative cash flow?

You must think Tesla isn’t going to continue research and development. Sure there’s going to be competitors but don’t think Tesla plans to sit idly by, in five years it will be a stronger profitable company with EV’s, Solar and Storage all contributing to the bottom line.

You must think nobody else is doing research and development. There are car companies that have been around for over a hundred years and not only do R&D but they know how to turn a profit. Tesla has not yet been able turn a profit and may not be able to survive heads up competition against established auto manufacturers.

Just check out how many years in the last two decades the European branch of GM, Opel, has been profitable, despite selling considerably many cars.
And they managed to do so without any EVs for most of the time, think about that…
Hint: GM sold the brand with all assets for little more than a billion. And the buyer now went to court to get half the money back.

GM failed with every brand in Europe.

Management that don’t understand the market?

@Texas FFE, any major car company has had any plan to produce 400-500 miles range EV’s in the next 2-3 years ? Tesla’s Roadster 2 will have 600 miles range.

Clearly, Tesla doesn’t sit idle to let every car company surpass them in term of EV R&D.

Elon Musk probably doesn’t care long term, once the majority of vehicles are EV’s his job is done.

He’ll then be concentrating of putting humans into space