Europe Exceeds 800 CCS Chargers Installed!

MAR 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 41

Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Thanks to the invaluable CCS map we know what happens in the Combo business in Europe.

The latest report on March 10 is indicating 801 CCS combo chargers installed (an unidentified number of them are CHAdeMO chargers as well).

This is 100 more than about 2 months ago.

CCS map provides a monthly statistic of new installations in every country, which enables us to see where the growth is the fastest.

For us it’s important  to note that more than half of all the chargers are in three countries – UK, Germany and Norway.

Sidenote: CCS chargers installed in Europe have typically 20 to 50 kW of power.

CCS Fast Charger By country

CCS Fast Charger By country

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What the heck? As an American this angers me because that is probably 10X as many CCS chargers as there are in all of the USA right now. 🙁 I’m surprised EVs are not selling better in Europe considering the gas prices there and the nice access to public chargers.

GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, VW, and Daimler-Benz all need to get together and start installing CCS chargers in the USA. They said they would support that standard, so put your money where your mouth is.

And Chrysler needs to add CCS to the Fiat 500e and Ford needs to add CCS to the Ford Focus electric. At least GM supports CCS with the Spark EV.

Not quite 10x, it’s about 6 times as many as in the US. I think there were something like 140 in North America last time I checked.

Thanks for getting a better number. And Europe having 6X as many CCS chargers than the USA is PATHETIC. We have a much bigger country and ALL THREE of our big automakers (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) signed up to the SAE-CCS standard. They need to get out there and support it with both cars and chargers.

In January the number of EVs sold in Europe was roughly the sum of sales in US and China.

Do those numbers include Twizy sales? I hate that Renault counts the Twizy in their EV sales total. It would be called a neighborhood EV in the US. Totally different category.

Yes, I guess it does, but there were less than 200 Twizzys sold. With around 10,000 this is not really a factor.

800 chargers for cars, that do not sell.

sales that are growing well into the double digits every year….

They are selling. You’ve not seen the sales data of Leaf, VW eGolf, BMW, Kia, etc.?

Trolling Cat.

I would have to say the BMW is not a disappointment sales wise.

What would benefit BMW is if they built a Chamo to CSS charger into the car or a attachment like Tesla is doing.

What’s interesting is that Virginia now has three CSS quick chargers in it all of them are apart of a muti standard charger. What makes this fun is that we are the only state that has them on the east coast besides a few others.

As for Virginia I can say we are now half way out of the EV Badlands in that Greenlots is now building 12 new Chamo chargers between Richmond and Virginia Beach. They are also building Chargers in Willisburg, Newport News and Petersburg. All of this new Chamo charger construction only started a week ago.

Tons of these are 20kw only. Hamburg ist getting 50 of these. Ist 20kw DC fast ? And VW /BMW have only CCS as an option BTW. They give NO numbers of CCS capable cars shipped. Maybe 30% or 50%, who knows. No one wants to operate these Stations, they cost more support per year than you get back from charging customers. Great business model.

It’s faster than the on-board charger in every car that has CCS, and I often hear from other Zoe drivers how 22kW AC is fast enough for most situations (as there are very few 43kW AC stations and Renault is abandoning 43kW AC on the Zoe). Unless Renault adds CCS (or CHAdeMO) 22kW will be the fastest new Zoes can charge.

Who will operate CCS or CHAdeMo Stations ? You loose money as operator. Why should you invest ? Who pays the yearly support fee on the expensive chargers ? This question is not answered. Tesla has ONE possible answer.

CCS is now standard on the i3.


Checked. Here you pay 1590€. VW charges you as well. Not so much, I think 600€ or so.

This is a good point that many are just 20KW. However, 20KW is much better than 0KW . . . the current SAE-CCS availability in most of the USA.

We’d all love SAE-CCS chargers that go 100+KW . . . but those are expensive and can be difficult to install. 20KW can be great if you just need a few more miles to get home.

More inteseting would be “Fast chargers used how often” or “Fast chargers making Profit at all”

I don’t think any provider of fast charging stations will provide that information. But as a EV driver who uses CCS this information would not be nearly as useful as having this overview.

Example is the CCS charger in northern Germany in Kiel. Kiel hat the only CCS Charger in the State Schleswig-Holstein.

It looks good on the map, but when you click in to the details, you see:

– Only open at business hours until 6 p.m and closed on Sunday
– Just 20kw CCS Speed

But from the map it is displayed green, which let you think: Hey a 50kw fast charger I can use for my trip with family on weekend.

Not good.

Tons of these exist.

Thank you I’ll get this one changed. If you see anything else feel free to send me an email (it’s linked on my website which is linked at the bottom of Also, the green does not mean 50kW, though almost all of them are. I’m thinking of adding some kind of indicator for lower power stations, however outside of a few car dealers (mostly in Germany) these are very rare.

The location in Kiel is now fixed. If you find other locations that have wrong data, please let me know. My goal is not to trick people into thinking CCS is awesome, but to provide a map of places where I can drive my car and provide a factual base against people who still say there is no CCS deployed.

And most of us, probably almost all, really appreciate the work you do and the time you spend. 🙂

Thank you!

Thanks, Mikael!

I really appreciate your work of course. Greetings from northern Germany.


Thank you for your service. Only Tesla’s Supercharger map is more accurate, and your’s is equally as accessible. I wish more people would take up a cause like this using their technical skills.

Even as an American I check your map periodically just to get an update on how the roll out is going and see how chargers are being strategically placed. For instance, charger density in England is high, but non-existant in central London. That sort of insight is very valuable. And I do use your sight every time someone says CCS is too far behind to catch up.

Beglium is lagging behind in a serious way. As always 🙁

Yes, that is my impression as well, but I don’t have a good and reliable data source for Belgium so it’s possible there are more.

Belgium also lost a spot in the total renewable energy mix for the EU. Overtaken by Cyprus.

Now Belgium only has Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Malta and Luxembourg behind them.

It’s time to shape up.

I can only say: I’m doing my part 🙂

here in sweden we will gett a boost this year with some 30 multi standard chargers (each charger can charge 2 cars at th time) deployed by one company (öresundskraft.) 🙂

And then there is its Competition:
“The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 5467.
— (Japan 2819 Europe 1659 USA 934 Others 55) last update 2015.03.06”

So – if the 50 kW CCS units are multi-Standard in the most part – that means – a LEAF can Charge up where a an i3 can charge up, if not at the same time!

The Chademo is not a competitor to CCS in the EU. The standard is set.

Using January 2015 as the most current complete month for reporting, for open ‘fast’ charge EU enabled cars January sales tally to

Chademo 3,338 cars sold January
AC 22kW 1,880 cars sold January
CCS 1,072 cars sold January
AC slow 3,035 cars sold January

*(AC slow includes cars that could option fast charging that don’t, as well as slow charge only cars like Bollore)
** Tesla were apportioned between AC 22kW and slow charging as Tesla Supercharge is not an open standard, Tesla Chademo was ignored)

Until VW makes CCS standard on its PHEVs, Chademo will remain the defacto fast charging standard for EU.

If Nissan does deliver on a double range LEAF, and Tesla delvers on a Tesla Model 3 and Mitsubishi delivers on an ASX PHEV. Then Chademo and AC 22kW are likely to remain the defacto standards for what people buy in EU for the rest of the rest of the decade.

Where did you get these numbers?

Looking at the still incomplete numbers (though mostly smaller countries are missing) from I can see more than a thousand e-Golfs, 500 i3s and more than 260 e-Ups. Considering non-fast charge equipped cars are rare I don’t see how you can make up that number while you count every single Leaf as a CHAdeMO car even though there are trim levels without CHAdeMO.


I also used EVsales blogspot.

The rules I used were

80% fast charge enabled for city BEVs (LEAF, e-Golf, e-UP, Soul)

100% fast charge enabled for Mitsubishi BEVs, PHEVs (ie all Outlanders PHEVs and iMievs are Chademo)

60% fast charge enabled for BMW i3 (would be 80% like the others but I expect the sweet spot for BMW i3 is the base iREX on lease without fast charge)

100% AC 22 for Zoe, Volvo, Smart
50% AC 22 for Tesla

sweep everything else to AC slow

with a double check I get
Chademo 3127
AC 22 2127
CCS 1332 ( i had missed allocated e-up)
AC slow 2738

I ignored Tesla’s Chademo….
I’m not aware of any VW group PHEVs using CCS

perhaps I overestimated AC 22 vs AC slow.
I treated AC 43 as AC 22.

EV sales figures are top 20, only adds to 9326. Missing some Chademo based Peugeots/Citreon vans, + what ever else

LEAF is already 4 years old, so major refresh is coming, Tesla X is coming, Mitsubishi ASX PHEV is coming, Tesla model 3 is coming.


Fortunately, the guys trumpeting doom and gloom for CHAdeMO in Europe are getting to be far and few !!! You’re right, the standard is set in EU, and it is:

1) CHAdeMO
2) CCS-Combo2


Mandatory Plug is TYP2 for each car sold in the European Union from 01.01.2017.

Normal charging in the EU is TYP2 AC 3,7 up to 22kw

Fast charging is DC and AC
– above 22kw speed
– Either CCS for DC (50kw)
– Or TYP2 for AC (43kw)

CHAdeMO is not forbidden and recommended for stations on motorways. Thats why the EU gives money for Triple Charger. Otherwise they would only be Dual-Charger without CHAdeMO.

A standardisation and becoming an official recommended standard is something completely different. The article you’re referring to is talking about something similar to ISO standardisation in Europe.