Estonia Makes Bid For Next Tesla Gigafactory – “If Tesla were a country, it would probably be Estonia.”

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So, Estonia and Tesla share DNA right? That’s what the brand-new PAKRI Smart Industrial City claims as it attempts to woo the electric automaker into considering Estonia for the European Tesla Gigafactory 2 site.

“If Tesla were a country, which would it be?”

“If Tesla were a country, it would probably be Estonia.”

Tesla Gigafactory

Estonia’s Choice Location for Tesla Gigafactory 2 (Image Credit: TeslaCountry)

The PAKRI website is coined Tesla Country. It is dedicated to welcoming the Tesla Gigafactory. Tesla Country touts fast speed, renewable resources, ideal location, technological advancement, and legalized self-driving. The website goes on to show details regarding the location and its benefits.

This is surely not the first video or advocacy of its kind, and there are bound to be more to follow.

Lithuanian citizens built a virtual Tesla Gigafactory using Minecraft, specifically directed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is a known gamer. also hopes for a Gigafactory 2 in the Netherlands. Spain, Sweden, Finland, and France, among others, have called out to the Silicon Valley automaker as well.

Once Model 3 production is well underway, perhaps by the end of this year, Tesla will disclose more details about future Gigafactory plans, and likely locations. According to Teslarati, there may be plans in place for not only Gigafactory 2, but also 3 and 4, and maybe even 5!

Source: Teslarati

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Wow – they must be pretty serious, having made self-driving cars legal already!

They have the most tense charging network in the world, although only CHAdeMO and type 2 22kW. There is not a spot in the country further than 30 miles from these chargers.There is also a fleet of Leafs for rent with mobile app, running already 5 years. Advantages beeing small.


Looking at Plugshare that seems impossible to believe. There are as many chargers in the Oslo area as all of Estonia. And Estonia is 20x the size.

Maybe the chargers aren’t listed on Plugshare?

Well there are far more people living in the Oslo metro area than in whole Estonia – maybe thats why?

That would be the explanation I would suggest too.

But the poster suggested Estonia had the densest charging network. That is not a “per capita” measure, it’s a per area measure. And they don’t seem to have a dense network even compared to the city just across the water from them.

Indeed, it’s not a per capita measure, but if you look at the coverage within the country, not just the Oslo metro (Tallinn metro), then it’s more dense.

Don`t compare incomparable – Oslo is very rich, at all – all the Norway is, not estonia, even close! How many electric cars (especially Tesla) we are? I live in Estonia south-east region and i don´t know any of electric car owner near ~25km radius, Estonia is not only Tallinn. In rural areas people can never buy Tesla – mont salary this places have 400-500€ and living here Estonia is very expensive. For example Finland and Germany is cheaper, only living (house or appartment rent) in Finland maybe is somewhat expensive but Germany is not, and food and many goods are expensive. Regular people in Estonia do not have money to buy a new Tesla, never. Only businesman, drug dealer and politics have but this is not a great deal anyway

Something else Estonia does very well:
..a great post-soviet block story.


It would be interesting just from the logistics point alone: the country is tiny, sparsely populated too so it would affect everyone there. A Gigafactory would force upgrades to ports, railyards, highways in the whole region. Then again if it is nimble thanks to it’s smallness it might be able to cope quickly.

I thought the solar panel factory in New York was “Gigafactory 2”?

That said, it’s nice to see that some countries are eager to do business with Tesla, unlike many states in the US apparently.

Yes, the New York solar panel factory is called Gigafactory 2 by Tesla, so what we are talking about here will be 3, 4 or 5.
Tesla makes it a little confusing because GF was first associated with batteries. However, if all super-large Tesla factories eventually have a GF designation, it will become normal and not confusing. Already, GF1 is making drivetrains, and future GFs will all make cars as well as batteries, and possibly solar cells/panels and other products… so maybe it will just mean ‘huge factory’ in Tesla lingo.