Musk Claims Tesla Model 3 Has Best Safety Of Any Midsize Car


A true IIHS or Euro NCAP full crash test is still in the works.

In a recent Tweet, the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, revealed a claim that the Tesla Model 3 has the best safety of any midsize car. According to Musk, this is due to the vehicle’s construction, as it doesn’t have a big gas guzzler engine in the front, allowing for longer crumple zones. In an event of a crash, these are designed to absorb the impact of the collision with another vehicle or an immovable object. The added level of protection is the advanced sensor array, part of every Tesla vehicle in recent years.

Currently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is currently conducting crash and safety testing on the Tesla Model 3. In the preliminary results, the Model 3 faired well. However, a “real” crash test is yet to be conducted by both the IIHS and Euro NCAP (European New Car Assesment Program).

Until then, we can only rely on Musk’s own words, which need to be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, the Model 3 is a contemporary vehicle built with various high-tech polymers and with advanced crash engineering in place. It will probably score high in both the IIHS and Euro NCAP tests. But until that happens, we can only speculate about its safety aspects.

On the other hand, a few months back, a video appeared, apparently showing the Model 3 and a Volvo S60 each crashing into a pole – the latter achieved a five-star crash safety rating in all categories according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The results were pretty interesting, as the Volvo S60 was damaged more severely than the Model 3. But, as mentioned earlier, we have yet to see the Model 3 crash that barrier, dummies flying and neat slow-motion camera scenes happening.

The video below (the event starts at 4:14) reveals how the Model 3 faired against a Volvo S60 in a crash test simulation.

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Show crash test video or I call bulls%it.

“The added level of protection is the advanced sensor array, part of every Tesla vehicle in recent years.”

yeah, but that stuff doesn’t work on Tesla.

The IIHS test (just like that Swiss test) show these cars`ability to stop when sensing an inflatable car shaped balloon. Not an actual object made of flesh, bones, metal or anything more dense. Just like with emission tests, I imagine most manufacturers by now have learned how to pass this standardized test. Yet, most cars I’ve seen have a disclaimer in their manual that says the emergency break assist is meant to mitigate impact, not avoid it. If they tried the latter, with current technology there are way too many false positives due to street signs and other metal objects over highways and roads.

Oh come on, there are lots of working AEB systems out there, even Nissan Leaf has one.

And most if not all of them would fail to brake for a very light object filled with air, one which radar waves will pass thru rather than bounce off.

“…yeah, but that stuff doesn’t work on Tesla.”

Very probably any other auto maker’s ABS system would fail that same test; or at least, the ones which depend on Doppler radar, as nearly all of them do.

But of course, Tesla gets singled out for criticism because if the test involved any other brand of car, nobody would expect it to work perfectly every time. Only Tesla is held to that high a standard.

It’s good that people recognize that Tesla cars have superior safety, but expecting perfection isn’t realistic. Reality check: Self-driving cars will never be completely 100% accident-free!

For the third f****** time, ABS is not AEB.

If you have such trouble with acronyms, stop using them.

Elon says lots of things. Safety secured?

Someone needs to take the Bush “Mission Accomplished” meme, tweak it to say “Funding Secured!” and photoshop Elon’s mug in. Lol

Or, try a Slick Willie meme, and parody the debate over what the SEC interpretation, and twitter definition, of what Musk Meant, by posting “Funding Secured” “is, … is”.

Some do it. Might go to my print shop and do it. Any cool design features


Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

He says he believes it. Not quite the same thing.

Elon is the son of Jesus. Making the safest car in the world is easy for him.

511 Cristians is the scientific sample pool, for sketching the portrait of the “Face of God”?

Surely the Fabulous Forbes Folks could have pitched in some additional funding, and rounded up some more of the Faithful Flock, to supplement this “Scientific” research.

I wasn’t aware that God was in the business of making a profit, or even caring about such base concerns as money.

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Matthew 19:23-4 (King James translation)

Making unsubstantiated claims on Twitter without any facts to back them up? Hmm, why does this sound very familiar…

Familiar because it’s what you often do several times a day, posting fact-free FUD about Tesla and its cars?

He wasn’t taking about Tesla or it’s Cars. He was talking Musk

Another Euro point of view

Ooh just shut the f… up.


You made me laugh dammit. I was trying to be ugly today

One thing from watching that video: “We worked hard on the design of the model 3, including things that people won’t even notice”. I think he is wrong about that. Look at the online videos like i1tesla (“what if”) and engineerx that go over every last detail of the car. Its appreciated.

Yeah..that car model has been pulled to pieces for sure.

Talking out his butt💩💩

Quite the troll fest we have going on now with many new usernames just suddenly appearing to support the FUD from the well-established trolls here.

That would best describe the Will Troll now joining Mental MadBro in carpet-bombing all Tesla threads with their negative FUD pulled out of their nether regions.

The fact is that Musk has built up a successful EV only car company which is rapidly beginning to produce more compelling EVS then all the laggard, legacy OEMs combined. Both the Model S and X have been proven to be very safe vehicles for being so high performance. I’m pretty sure the Model 3 will follow that established trend.

You and your fellow shills, shorters and haters on the other hand have done exactly what besides endlessly whine and FUD?

You fools simply reek of jealousy and desperation.

Real im not a troll. I’m waiting for the base 3 to test drive and I’ll make a choice on what car I want. I3 40Kw Rex, Clarity Phev, or model 3

Trolls please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I’m just an EV fan. I want great companies to make great EVs. Tesla is a great company but not a healthy one. They will get through but I hate musk trollbois like you Real. You never disagree on anything from Musk and been called out several times on it. I have opinion and so do you but calling people out because Musk is liar and say Outrageous comments with no backing and have been proven so far in the last year. Just be quiet 🤐 and let the process flow.

Keep telling yourself that.

No I don’t agree with the way that Musk does everything but I certainly appreciate what he and Tesla have accomplished to supercharge the rEVolution as they have almost singlehandedly started dragging the laggard, legacy OEMs into (slowly) starting the transition along with seriously threatening and disrupting for the better the fossil fuel idiots like the mostly political Koch Roaches.

I appreciate Tesla move but since Musk miss his deadlines and be lying 🤥. I don’t trust him and if he sells some stake to the terrorist Saudis thAt will be the last straw with me

The LEAF shipped before the S. Your narrative is false.

And the Roadster shipped before the Leaf.

The point is about impact.

@Vanja Kljaic ” Model 3 crashing into a Volvo S60 ”

The video shows a Model 3 being crash tested into a pole, not crashing into a Volvo! Please correct.

Changed the wording. Thank you!

Until Tesla gets blind side detection working, I have my doubts.

Hey Musk — is that awesome safety why MS and MX have the highest insurance costs? with or without Autocrash / pilot?

They don’t have the highest insurance costs. It depends on the state, the region, the country, and the insurance company. Some companies insure Teslas very competitively, and there are some that don’t want to assume the risk of something that they don’t understand, and so jack up the premiums simply because they can.

$ 60 a month or $ 12000 for year is good insurance

Having amazingly fast 0-60 performance tends to attract drivers who drive fast and take chances. How safe the car is won’t bend the laws of physics, or magically make aggressive fast drivers into slow poke hypermiiles.

Tesla’s sell so well because you don’t have to sacrifice performance just to own an EV, and that has successfully attracted performance car drivers who skew the insurance pool. This should be less of a problem over time.

Well, S and X crash tests were the best ever, so I don’t see why the 3 would be less than the best in its segment.

Another Euro point of view

Not under Euro Ncap, far, but far from it.

It is not a mid sized.
Passenger Volume : ft³ 97
Mid starts at 100+ cubic feet passenger space.

It’s based on the EPA standard. The EPA calls of the Tesla Model 3 a midsize.