Epcot Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

AUG 22 2014 BY JAY COLE 20

About six months ago, we unselfishly went to Disneyland in California to report on the first public charging station installations at a Disney theme park.

LEAF and Volt Get A Boost At Epcot (Photo: ©2014 Walt Disney World Resort)

LEAF and Volt Get A Boost At Epcot (Photo: ©2014 Walt Disney World Resort via Orlando Park News)

Now another park, Epcot in Florida, has followed Disneyland’s lead.

In total there is 4 charging spots, located in the “Journey” section of the parking lot – which loosely translated into English means ‘the good spots’.  

The units are on a first-come, first-served basis, so unless you really enjoy waiting for the park to open in the morning, you are probably not going to find an open plug.

Still, it’s a good first step in building up the plug-in infrastructure at the Disney empire in Florida, and we hope to see more units in the future.

The units can be activated with a ChargePoint or credit card. The cost of use is $.35 per kw/h, with a minimum charge cost of $1.50.

Editor’s Note:  Once again, we will shortly be sacrificing our own free time, and packing our bags to travel to Florida to ensure these units are performing properly.  Look for a follow-up story so my vacation can be written of for benefit of our readers.

Raphael over at DaMouse emailed us about their coverage of the units as well, noting the following video walk through (with our thanks):

OrlandoParksNews, Some more photos can be found at Theme Park University
(Hat tip to Brian!)

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Only 4? The site for EV Fest 2011 (& 2012) had 4, and it was a very small ‘Green’ site. EV Fest 2013 site was at a location that had 8, and EV Fest 2014 was moved to a new site that had 10! It had two rows of 5 each! All these sites had free (That’s right: FREE!) Electric Vehicle Charging! See more at http://www.evfest.ca

Yeah, only 4 is crazy. Disneyland CA has 20 plugs and rumor is that they are adding another 40.

Universal Orlando has 10 since 2 years ago.

Exactly. Plus 50,000 parking spots for ICE cars.

Just now? Seems a bit late. Better late than never I guess. They need far more.

Seems like the sign should say EV Parking Only, not EV Charging Only. It’s not like someone is going to try to charger their cell phone.

(and yes there could also be a sign that says you must charge to park)

“EV Charging Only” makes a lot of sense … think it also removes any confusion that this is a ‘parking spot’ to uneducated ICE drivers.

The goal being to provide ‘charging’ infrastructure for EVs, not designated ‘parking’ locations. ie: charge for as long as you need, but free up the spot when charging is complete. (with some reasonable period of leeway)

An EV plugged in and not charging is a larger nucence that an ICE’d stall, as EV drivers aware what a block charger implies.

I knew someone was going to say what you said, that’s why I added my disclaimer before someone said it. Yet they said it anyway.

I think if you want to remove any confusion that it’s a reserved parking spot, you put “Parking” in the sign. That sign makes it look like the charger is ONLY for EV’s. It says nothing about the parking spot by the charger.

No it’s not a good first step. Unless there are enough charging stations that drivers can reasonably assume they will be able charge, you really can’t drive your EV there. Once a car is parked at Epcot it will be there all day so it’s not like people can take turns charging either.

They might as well put in 100 120V outlets since cars will be parked there for 10-12 hours or more.

Austin, TX’s airport put in 10 * 110 charging outlets in the long term parking.

I charged my Volt at the Disneyland location in CA last month, but was a little shocked to get charged $25 on my credit card by Chargepoint. Looking into it, they apparently now require you to pay a $25 “deposit” with them, then maintain a positive balance at all times in the future. I’m not sure that’s legal under California law.

I have a Chargepoint card also and they required at $25 deposit just to open the account. The money is still in my account and when ever I have to pay to charge they bill the credit card connected to the Chargepoint card so I always have a $25 credit on their card.

Same here in Texas. I’ve had $12 left out of my initial $25 for 18 months as I (on a lark) paid to charge someplace for $.50 a kWh (never doing THAT again).

Wow, really? Four whole spots? Gee, what will they do with them all.

Like previously mentioned four spots is not a good start, it’s more of an insult. Four isn’t even a “good start” for a park that size. Four hundred, solar powered, covered spaces in a centralized area would be good for the all of Disney World would be a great selling point, and would probably attract more patrons.

Steven, I really like that idea. Centralize the charging making the infrastructure cheaper, provide the power via solar and then provide buses ( maybe they could get some electric buses!) to each of the parks.

I created a post about charging my Volt at a Disney Orlando resort back in January http://gm-volt.com/forum/showthread.php?93401-Successful-Charging-at-Disney-World-Resort
In the post, I make reference to my communication with Disney reps. I made it clear to them that a kwh rate 4x the normal rate (and FL is about 10c/kwh) makes the charger nearly pointless as we should just use gas. Amazingly, they chose a rate just below this threshold. I am actually surprised that no one commented on this cost. I find it disappointing…but not surprising. Disney seems to balance ‘the magic’ with THE PROFIT.

Wait, seriously “Magic with the profit”? How much did you pay per ticket? You pays th’ mouse one way or another…