Enterprise Rent-A-Car Adds 5 Nissan LEAFs to Rental Fleet in Massachusetts


Out West, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has long offered Nissan LEAFs and Chevy Volts in some of its rental fleets.  Even in New York City, you can hit up some of local Enterprise lots to rent a plug-in vehicle.  But not until now was that possible on the East Coast outside of NYC.

We'd Choose Electric

We’d Choose Electric

Enterprise Rent-A-Car just added five Nissan LEAFs and a single charging station to its rental location in Northampton, Massachusetts.

“We are excited to offer these new EVs and provide even more alternatives to our customers and neighbors in Northampton.”

The electric LEAFs joins a stable that include hybrid vehicles in Northampton.  Why Northampton? Larry Kucharski, vice-president and general manager for Enterprise Holdings in western Massachusetts, explains it like this:

“We selected this location because Northampton is a progressive community equipped with multiple charging stations that are open to the public.  We are excited to offer these new EVs and provide even more alternatives to our customers and neighbors in Northampton.”

The EVs are in addition to the hybrid vehicles already available throughout Northampton and the surrounding area, thereby increasing local residents’ access to these vehicles for daily, weekly and monthly rental.

As you can see in the image above, the Nissan LEAF rents for just under $60 per day.  That’s comparable to the daily rental cost of a Nissan Versa or Toyota Yaris at the Northampton site.  So, it’s cheap to rent the LEAF.

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The Chevy Volt is available at Avis in CA, TX, MI, NY, NJ, CT and DC.


Transportation of the future

It would be great, if the Chevrolet Volt was available through Avis in all of these states.
Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that it is the case.
The link above leads to a website that obviously is outdated, f.e. one can read how “The 2011 Chevy Volt has arrived”.
A few month ago, I called the national Avis call center, as well as different Avis locations, and all of them replied that electric cars are not available as of 2013. Even the Los Angeles airport location said so.
In case Avis actually does offer electric cars, please post the specific location here, so it’s possible to follow up on it.
BTW, the Chevrolet Volt is actually available in CT, through the Hertz On Demand service at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Hopefully we will start seeing all current electric cars available. This will make choosing one and experiencing the range before purchasing.

I wonder how often people rent these? Unless you know you have access to a charger, it would seem odd to rent an EV unless you just want to take a car for an extended test-drive.

If the price included a full charge and not needing to charge it before bringing it back, I could imagine this being really nice for business travelers. If they charge a stupid amount for not bringing it back full (like they do with gas) it would seem like a hassle.